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Lock onto Optus C1 Anywhere in Australia with a D4


iTechworld D4 Satellite Meter

Please Note:

This device has already been programmed by iTechworld technicians for use with the Optus C1 satellite and a 10.7 (10700) LNB. You do not need to adjust any of the settings.


For use with the Optus C1 satellite (VAST, Foxtel and Austar) please follow these instructions.

  1.  Connect the coaxial cable between the iTechworld D4 Satellite Meter and your LNB, located on your iTechworld Easy Base Dish.
  2. Turn on the iTechworld D4 Satellite Meter.
  3. Make sure you are on the Al Jazeera or ABC Channel (Press "OK" for a list of channels)
  4. Press the "INFO" button (near the bottom right of the iTechworld D4 Satellite Meter).
  5. Move your iTechworld Easy Base Satellite in the right direction until you see the "LOCK" light turn blue. You should also maximize your "SIGNAL QUALITY" (green bar) to at least 60%.
  6. Once you have a picture and can hear sound with no interference then turn off the iTechworld D4 Satellite Meter and connect your coaxial cable from the LNB located on the iTechworld Easy Base Dish to your satellite set top box.

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Daryl McCombe#1

I use the cheap D1 finder with reasonable success. However the D4 with screen sounds much better. Seems you can tune in to satellite without first setting up set top box. Is this the best finder available?


Hi Daryl,

Thank you for getting in touch.
Yes, this is the best satellite finder available. It pretty much sets itself up.
To discuss this in more details please give me a call on 08 9472 7200.

Best regards

Robert Burey#3

I have just purchased a D4 satellite finder from Itech and cannot seem to find the green bar for signal quality.The instructions with the unit say that the bar will display on the screen. Could you please offer some assistance.

Rob Burey


Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch.
Please press the “info” button on the D4 to reveal the green bar for signal quality.



Tony mansbridge#5

Does it work on batteries,what sort


Hi Tony,

It has a built in rechargeable battery.
We provide a 240v and 12v cable so you can charge the unit.

Best regards

Wayne Ralph#7

I have just received my new D4 sat finder & couldn’t be happier. Wow! As promised it is simple to setup & use. I’m looking forward to future caravan trips & testing my D4 in all sorts of campsite locations. My favourite Itechworld product yet!

Cheers from Wayno in Mandurah!

Peter Neumann #8

Does the D4 give the azimuth and inclination angles so that you know roughly where the satellite is before commencing the fine tuning?


Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch.
It does not tell you the azimuth or angle to use.
We use our are reference chart and Angle Finder for that.
Both available on our website.

Kind regards

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