The Best Portable Power Station In Australia - The iTECH1300P

The best caravanning & camping adventures are in the most remote locations – and just because you’re off-grid, it doesn’t mean you have to disconnect. Thanks to iTechworlds all-new iTECH1300P portable power station, you now have a magnitude of power at your fingertips, for any outdoor adventure wherever you may be.


The all-new iTECH1300P allows you to run or charge almost all your appliances/devices on the road, such as coffee machines, microwaves, blenders, laptops, fridges, camera gear, tablets, phones and everything in between.


The iTECH1300P is not your standard power station. Utilising state of the art lightweight 100 ah Lithium-Ion LiFeP04 battery and a 1300 Watt pure sine wave inverter, the iTECH1300P is the pinnacle of lithium portable power technology. The iTECH1300P has enough power to comfortably replace a small petrol generator - that means no more fumes, and no more noise. Whenever you want to go camping, caravanning, overlanding, boating, or a quick weekend getaway, the iTECH1300P power station has all your power needs covered. 

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The intuitive design of the iTECH1300P makes the operation effortless with the touch of a button; you have access to a full array of off grid power options. The iTECH1300P's casing is a robust design with ergonomic handles on each end for easy transportation. The iTECH1300P has an illuminated digital display that gives you critical information such as state of charge in %, input and output in Watts, ambient temperature, cooling fan speed, and any error reporting.

  Portable power station with lithium battery and inverter


Inside the iTECH1300P lies a powerful 100 ah Lifepo4 Lithium-Ion battery; this is the perfect size to power your entire campsite, including appliances such as coffee machines, fridges, laptops, mobile devices and much more. An iTechworld 100 ah LiFeP04 battery has the same usable power as a 200 ah lead acid battery but it is a fraction of the weight. The iTECH1300P’s total weight is 19kg, in comparison to the much heavier 200 ah lead acid battery which weighs approximately 60kg. This means more power, and less weight.


1300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The iTECH1300P has 2x 240v mains power outputs that provide 1300 Watts of pure sine wave power. Pure sine wave power is the same power that you would typically get from a household socket, allowing you to charge and use frequency sensitive equipment such as laptops directly from the iTECH1300P. Everyone loves a coffee in the morning, and the iTECH1300P has enough power to run most pod coffee machines on the Australian market.

 1300 watt pure sine wave inverter power station to run coffee machine

Regulated 12v output

A regulated 12v output allows longer run time with 12v appliances such as fridges and eliminates the low voltage cut off issues seen with some fridges and lithium power packs. We tested a 40 Litre Engel fridge on the iTECH1300P, and it ran for five days before a recharge was required.


Fast Charging USB & USB-C ports

The iTECH1300P has 1x USBC 60 Watt PD charging in and out, 2x 18 Watt USB Quick Charge (QC) outputs and 1x USB 3.1A output. Equipped with a USBC 60W input/output, the iTECH1300P can charge modern laptops, tablets, mobile devices and other appliances which require USB-C PD charging.


Ultra-fast charging

The iTECH1300P is the fastest charging lithium power station ever manufactured by iTechworld. The iTECH1300P's charging algorithm allows for super-fast charging via solar, 240v(AC), 12v Car/Cig adapter(DC) and USB-C.


Inside the iTECH1300P is a sophisticated Maximum Power Point Track (MPPT) solar charge controller that optimises the solar panel's input voltage to suit the iTECH1300P. The iTECH1300P negates the use of an external solar controller/regulator due to its inbuilt MPPT; simply plug an unregulated solar panel into the iTECH1300P via a 10 amp Anderson to 50 amp Anderson adapter (available HERE). The iTECH1300P can charge at 13 amps per hour via solar. The larger the solar panel used, the faster the charge rate.


The iTECH1300P can also be charged via any 12v car/cig socket thanks to the inbuilt DC to DC charger, meaning you will not need to install a DCDC charger to recharge the iTECH1300P from your car; plug in the 12v adapter straight into your vehicle's 12v socket to charge. The iTECH1300P will charge at a maximum of 7 amps per hour via the DC input using the adapter provided.


The iTECH1300P can also be charged via the included 240v wall adapter, ensuring within 8-9 hours, you can bring your iTECH1300P from 0% to 100%.

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Pass-through charging

The iTECH1300P features pass-through charging commonly referred to as "charging and discharging simultaneously". The iTECH1300P can be charging via the vehicle's 12v cig socket, and at the same time, it can run a 12v fridge and charge mobile devices. When the car stops, the iTECH1300P will keep running the 12v fridge. Start the car back up again, and the iTECH1300P will continue to charge. 


All in one portable power station

We have managed to jam pack the iTECH1300P with the following features:

  • iTechworld LiFePO4 lithium-Ion battery
  • iTechworld 1300-Watt Pure Sine Wave inverter
  • iTechworld lithium solar charge controller
  • Heavy-duty battery box
  • Lithium 240v charger
  • Lithium 12v charger
  • iTechworld DCDC & MPPT charger
  • Quick charge USB ports, USB-C PD quick charge port
  • 12v DC female car socket
  • Intuitive digital display


The iTECH1300P bundles everything you need for your trip into one compact, lightweight and portable unit, eliminating the need to ever go through the process of installing a dual battery system.

To learn more on the iTECH1300P Lithium Power Station click the link HERE