Live Demo of 900 Amp Jump Starter




IAN: Hi! This week we are going to talk about our latest product which is the 900 Amp jump starter, which is also a 20 amp hour battery storage device as well. As far as we are aware this is the only jump starter in the world to deliver a true 900 cold cracking amps which mean it can jump start any vehicle this can even jump start a 6L diesel or jump start any car at all! Its primary function is to get you out of trouble with a jump start. So you don’t have to rely on other people for jumper leads. If you ever have a flat battery, all you do is take it out of the glove box, you use the alligator clips to your battery, plug it in and start the car. That will jump start your battery and that's the main thing with this one. Its primary function is the jump starter but it also has another feature it’s a 20 amp storage battery as well. So this will give you 20 amps of battery power. What does that mean? It means that you can charge any smart device, camera, 12V device, directly from this. In the package, we give you a number of accessories to help you charge those devices. So we will give you every fitting for every smart device that's available in Australia at the moment. It will charge your iPad, iPhone, your Galaxy tablet any smart phone at all directly from this device. On top of that, we give you fittings to charge any laptop or computer directly from this. If you have an HP laptop a DELL laptop, anything at all you can charge it directly from this. Some laptops need different voltages like some in 12 volts and some need 16, some need 19. On this device, you can actually select the voltage you need. So if you have a  laptop needs 19 volts, simply slide it over to 19 volts and it will charge your laptop accordingly. There is no other device in Australia that can do that function. On top of that as well there are two USB ports, so you can charge multiple items at the same time. You could be charging your phone and your camera or anything else at the same time. With this unit when you use the battery up you can recharge it on either 12 volts or 240 volts. We provide a 12-volt cable and a 240-volt cable to charge it as well. The other major thing is that we also include a female 12-volt cigarette socket so you can charge and run 12-volt devices from this unit.  So you can run a 12 volt TV from this, a 12-volt Satellite set top box or even a 12-volt fridge directly from this unit. Is any one online asking any questions? Anyone viewing?

DANA: 7 but there was just 10!

IAN: So I'll just you how this would work. This is the female socket for your 12-volt devices which you plug into the unit. Switch it on and press the on button here. Plug it into the television, take your satellite set top box. So what this means is if you're out bush free camping and you're worried about your aux battery running out, you can actually run your full satellite system directly from this. So you can be watching TV by using this. Not only can it jump start your car, you can charge all your Tesla’s from this you can actually use it to run your 12 Volt TV and your satellite set top box. A lot of people see these items and don’t realise how powerful they are or their capabilities. You can do a lot of different things with this. You can run a 12 Volt compressed fridge directly from the unit. As you can see the fridge as started up and you can set the temperature and run your fridge directly from it. Does anyone have any questions? So at the moment, this item is brand new we have just put it onto our website so our special price is 249 dollars. You can get it on our webs special section on our website. It usually retails for 399 dollars but at the moment we are doing it for 249 dollars. We also have a smaller model, which is this one here. It’s 400 cold cracking amps with 10 amp battery storage and that’s on our website at the moment for 129 dollars. One of the other things we should talk about with this is it’s totally backed by Allianz Insurance. If you would like any more information on it the full specs are on our website at, you can also call us right now at 1300 483 249 or get us on 0894727200. You can speak to either myself or Phil and we can talk you through it. That's the demonstration and everything we wanted to talk about, thank you!




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