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IAN: Hi! It’s our second question and answer service on Facebook. We got a lot of questions after we finished last week. One of the questions was to talk more about our jump starter. So this is our 900 amp jump starter. There isn’t a vehicle that this it will not start this can produce 900 amps. We believe this is the only one of its kind. We are the only people who have something as large as this no one else has a 900 amp jump starter. That’s just the basic function of it, that it can jump start 900 amps, the other feature it has a 20 amp battery which means you can run anything it’s connected from. So in the pack, we give you fittings to run any laptop in Australia you can run directly from this. Any smartphone, any tablet you can run directly from this. We even put in a socket so you can plug in a 12-volt fridge directly to this unit and that a 20 amp battery. So you can run a fridge from this. Which is incredible! The other question is that Edwards asked about a solar panel and he had an issue with his regulator and what we found was when we put on the alligator clips and directly to the battery we found that the panel works correctly. So there may have been an issue in some of his wiring on his Anderson plug because there was no actual issue with the solar panel, just a wiring issue. The other question we got was from Steve in Queensland. He wanted to know which satellite package is the one he should get. We have the complete package now that will work everywhere so its guaranteed 100% to work anywhere in Australia. So there isn’t a spot in Australia where this will not work. It’s about to be on our website, it will $599 and it comes with every single thing you need. The other question we got was from David in WA, sent us an email about solar panels for his boat and which one he needs. We recommend the flexible solar panels. It’s so light weight it’s designed to go on top of boat roofs. They are 100% water proof, they won’t get corrosion or damage from the salt water sea or anything. Nothing, nothing can damage these ones. Is there anyone asking any questions.


IAN: I’m trying to think about some other questions we have had. Someone messaged us asking what channels you can get on the VAST system. The VAST system is specific with a Travellers registration to what state you registered in. If you register is WA you get WA channels, if you register is SA you get SA channels. That’s the way the VAST system works. A couple other people were asking the difference between the folding panels and the flexible panels. The folding panels come with German certified cells which were the best cells available. The flexible panels come with American Solar cells which are now considered slightly better than the German ones. So we only have two different types of cells. They are both classed as A grade which are the best cells you can get. That's the American certified and the German certified.

PHIL: That’s pretty much it

IAN: No one’s watching?

PHIL: We’ve got watchers.

IAN: Anyone wants to ask a question? Fire away!

PHIL: Just post it online.

IAN: If you think of something after this video send us an email at Or post it on the Facebook link that you’re watching right now. Send us a message on Facebook, give us a call 08 9472 7200. You will actually speak to myself I’ll answer the phone. If you have got anything else to talk about, you can ring, discuss. Anything at all!

PHIL: Otherwise, until next week.

IAN: Otherwise, I’ll do this again next week and keep doing this every week until people start asking questions. Goodbye!

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