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See the 2KVA Mighty Mouse Generator in Action!

Please note, there is no need to use the coupon code mentioned in the video as we have already applied it.

IAN: Hi, it’s Ian from iTechworld and this week we are going to look at our Mighty Mouse Generator. We have just done a coupon code which gives you $100 off the price at the moment. We put the code in the comments. We are going to talk more about the features of the Mighty Mouse, it has a continuous power of 1200 watt and a peak power of 2000 watts. So that means that you can run 1200 Watt continuously but if you have larger things at peak it does 2000 Watts. So if you have a look we have the unit started up here! We are going to do a decibel test on it on our decibel metre. SO you can see there it runs at about 50 decibels with no load. So that it when it has no load taking over it. The next thing we will do now is just test when it has a load on it to see what the decibel is. We are going to turn the toaster on. On full load, it runs at 57 decibels! With the Mighty Mouse Generator one of the best features, it only weighs 8.5 kilos. So compared to other generators that can produce the same power it’s drastically lighter. Most generators that can produce from 1200 to 2000 watts will weigh anything up to 20 kilos. This one weighs 8.5 kilos. It’s obviously very small and compact. It has one 15 amp AC outlet and it's pure sine wave which means you can use it on your sensitive equipment directly from the generator. So you can have laptops, TV’s all your screen devices which can all run directly from the unit. Have we got a question?

DANA: Guy asks, to we have free shipping on these?

IAN: Yes, we are doing free shipping on this unit at the moment and that's anywhere in Australia! So we are going to put a coupon code in the comments where you can get $100 off the unit and delivered absolutely free anywhere in Australia! Thanks for the question Guy! Are there any more questions? There is a 3 and a half litre fuel tank for the Mighty Mouse. On full load, you will get about 6 hours and for a moderate load, you can get anything up to 10 hours. Thanks very much!


2KVA Mighty Mouse Generator



Can the Mighty Mouse generator run the air conditioner jug etc.


Hi Ronda,

Thanks for getting in touch.
The Mighty Mouse Inverter Generator can run anything as long as it does not exceed continuous power of 1200 Watts. Double check your wattage of the Air con and the Jug to find out if it will run it or not.



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