Unboxing the iTech400a!



Hi, it’s Ian from iTechworld, this is our Friday video at 3:30 pm WA time we are doing a live video. This week we want to talk about our iTech400a coming back into stock. We are just going to run through the product and go through every single component of it. People have been waiting anxiously for it, probably over 100 people are waiting for it. We shipped them all out yesterday, you should have received them today or early on Monday.  Most people have called to say they have got them already. So when you receive your iTech400A it will come in this box. The first thing you notice on the back is the item is covered by Alliance Insurance. So it’s fully insured up to 2 million dollars in US with Alliance insurance. All the information is on the back. So if we open the box up and inside the box you will see a nice leatherette case for the iTech400a. If we unzip, we can see all the different components for the iTech400a. So the first thing is the unit itself. It’s yellow and has the iTechworld branding on it. This can do 400 cold cranking amps and can start any petrol vehicle. It’s one of our best sellers! The features on the unit itself is a USB port and a torch. One of the main questions people phone up about is how to turn the torch on. It's simple once you know how! You hold the power button in, and the torch turns on. Press it again and it blinks, press it again and you get an SOS, and press it again and it turns off. Also on the front, you get a battery indication so you know if it needs to be recharged of if it’s charged. 4 blue lights mean its charged, again other than that it's not fully charged. To charge the unit, you can charge it on 12 volts with this cigarette adaptor. Simply stick it in your cigarette socket in your car, 4WD or caravan and charge from that directly.  Or if you have got mains power or a generator, you can charge it by 240 volts.  That’s the two ways to charge the unit. The length of time it takes to charge it when it’s completely flat to take about 5 hours on either 240 or 12 volts. The next piece of equipment inside is the female cigarette socket which you can put directly into the iTech400a. This gives you the 12-volt socket. What this means is that you can run 12-volt devices directly from this and it will run it for a short period of time. The next and probably the most important piece of the iTech400a is the jumper leads. They plug into the same spot that the 12-volt socket was in. This what you use to jump start your vehicle. So this will kick over any petrol car, it will get you start and get you out of trouble. It also has a little bit of protection in there so you can’t over charge anything. Last but no least, we have an accessory pack. So using the USB point on the iTech400A, you can plug this directly in. The lights will come on here, so you can keep an eye on the battery level. You have got the Samsung Galaxy, mini USB, iPad, iPod, the iPhone. If you have a device that doesn’t use these, then take the USB cable from the device and plug it directly into the unit. That's pretty much it for going through what you get in the package. Thanks for watching, this is Ian! I’ll see you in about a month because I’m going on holidays! Bye!



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