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The Full Power of the 400 Amp Portable Jump Starter!



Hi, it’s Ian from iTechworld and today we are going to talk more about the 400 Amp Jump Starter. The reason we want to talk more about it is because a lot of people have left comments and feedback on our website or in the review section. They have been saying they have got the unit but haven’t used it to its full potential. So we are going to have a look at what this unit can do and see what its full potential is. Another thing people have been asking it what separates us from other products they find online. There are a couple of things that we just want to address. Obviously, you get a higher quality product. The main difference from our jump start to ones we have found online is the power supply. This is the power supply that we provide, with the 400 Amp Portable Jump Starter and this is Australian approved. You can tell its Australian approved because you have this logo on it and the pins here have some rubber on it for protection. We make sure that the quality control on this is excellent and we have this all approved by the Australian Government and it’s all approved. Some of the ones we found online look really similar but it isn’t because it doesn't have that mark on it for approval and it also doesn’t have the rubber on the pins here. What does that mean? It means that there is a chance that this because it’s not Australian approved, it’s not safe and could cause a fire so it's a fire hazard. So that’s the difference between our product and some of the other ones you will find online. So that was just to clarify the difference between our products and others. So with this unit the full potential, we obviously know from a video we filmed a few weeks ago that it can start any petrol car. The full potential is unlimited really! What we are going to do is show you something it can do and maybe you have not thought about. We have got a 1500 power inverter we can plug directly into the unit and switch it on, that basically converts the 12-volt power from this battery and turn it into 240 volts. You can then put a power board into the inverter, that means you can run two 240 volt appliances directly from this little battery bank jump starter. You can charge laptops, you can charge all 240-volt stuff from this. At the same time, you have your laptop running, you can have your phone charging at the same time and you can have all your other smart devices on there as well. So not only can you run everything 12 volts directly from it, you can actually run an inverter from this, invert the 12-volt power into 240 volts and then you can run laptops, speakers, all your household stuff directly from this unit. So you would make a pretty powerful portable power station that you can take anywhere. The beauty of this you can then charge it up again on 240 volts or you can charge it up from your car on 12 volts. So that was to answer a lot of the reviews on the website. Everyone says that they have the unit, it’s excellent, they are happy with it but they haven’t used it to its full potential. We were really interested to find out what the full potential is so we thought we would test it out on a 1500 watt inverter and it runs great. On top of that, we already know it jump starts any petrol car available in Australia to date. We do have them on our website as is the 1500 Watt Inverter. If you jump on you can view the products in more detail, our descriptions are on their as well. Thanks!

1500 Watt Inverter
400 Amp Portable Jump Starter

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