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How to Use a 12 Volt Solar System - 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel




IAN: Hi it’s Ian, we’re doing our live video that we do every single Friday! This week we are doing it on our 160 Watt Portable Folding Solar Panel. We were going to do a live demonstration outside but the weather in Perth today is pretty bad and really wet so we won’t get the full effects, but we can do it inside anyway. If anyone has any questions you can put them in the comment section and we will answer them as we go along. So with the 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel from iTechworld, we give you Monocrystalline German Certified solar cells which have a 25-year performance guarantee on them. These cells are the best cells you can get in Australia at the moment. With the solar panels, we also make sure all the fittings are stainless steel so they won’t rust and you will get the full lifespan out of those as well. We put a solid collapsible handle on the unit also which makes it easy to take out of the bag. On the solar panel, we have given every solar panel an MPPT Solar Controller. What that means is it will grab the maximum voltage and charge it the best possible way to your battery. So you get all the quality features from the solar panel. The way it works, to connect it to the battery is really simple. You can either plug it directly in using the Anderson Plug. So if you have an Anderson plug on your camper trailer, motorhome, caravan you can plug it in and the panel will start charging. The regulator and solar controller will do a 30-second diagnosis of your battery. It will determine AGM, car battery, lithium battery and will start charging it accordingly. If you don’t have an Anderson plug you simply, connect to the alligator clips and you put this directly onto the battery. To then run things from the battery, you either plug it into a 12 volt or your will have an inverter on the battery and you plug you 240-volt appliances into the inverter. With this portable solar panel at the moment, we provide 5 metres of cable, which is 6 mm cable so you won’t get any voltage drop from the controller. This panel produces about 9 amps of power, in Australia, we roughly get 8 hours of sunlight per day, which means realistically you can put back 70 amps over one day. What that means in real terms is that you can plug in your 12-volt fridge, you 12-volt television or all your camping lights your LED lights you can run them overnight and still won’t run out of battery. A 160 Watt means you become self-sufficient, you no longer have to rely on staying at powered camp sites and you don’t to pay because you have all your power here. So the 160 Watt becomes an investment that gives you money back because you no longer have to spend money on powered sites. So we have the 160 Watt it’s the flagship model and the most powerful and popular one as well. It will run anything up to a 60-litre fridge freezer with TV and lights no problem at all. We have the 120 Watt Portable Solar Panel it will do 40-litre fridge with TV and lights. They are available on our website as well as the battery and the battery box on Thanks for watching!


160 Watt Portable Solar Panel

20 Amp Battery Charger

Battery Box

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Live Video - See our 400 Amp Jump Starter Start a Car



IAN: Hi this is Ian from iTechworld, today we are going to look at our new 400 cold cranking amp jumpstarter. A lot of people have seen the previous video and wanted to see one of these in action. So we have spent all morning draining the battery from one of the worker’s here car. If you have a look we have drained it down to just about 11 volts. What we are going to do now is put the jump starter on and start it up. So first of all, we connect the cable to the battery. And then we connect the cables to the unit. (Phil starts the car) Easy! Once you have started it you remove the cables.  Now it’s jumped up to 13.4 volts. And that's how you use the iTechworld Jump Starter!


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