3.8KVA Generator Air Conditioner Test



Ian from iTechworld! Last week we got a lot of comments on our video for the generator where people wanted to see it loaded up so we have got a 2-kilowatt air conditioner in our up star is office/kitchen and what we have done is we have run the air conditioner to the generator outside.  Have a look on here we have set it to 16 degrees and that’s as low as it can go. This is a 2-kilowatt Kelvinator air conditioner. You can probably look out the window, outside we have the generator so we will just go down stair and you can listen to the noise level. So the generator is 7 metres away, roughly, and that the noise level you can expect from the 3.8kva as it’s running a 2-kilowatt air conditioner from upstairs. So I hope that helps a lot of people who wanted to see it running an air conditioner. We have it running an air conditioner right now and let’s go up and have a look. Even when you’re standing next to it, you can hardly hear it. It won’t make a great deal of noise. It is one of the quietest generators available. There’s the air con up there! Now we are going to run some other appliances on it, we will run a toaster. And another one! You can see that the noise level doesn’t really change from item to item. The revs adjust to the load. So it has automatic overload protection. Some of the other features with the generator, you can charge  12-volt batteries directly from it. It has USB ports to you can charge USB devices directly from the generator. It has double outlets from the generator as well. One of the most important things is that it's fuel injected and you don’t get some of the issues that other generators have when you leave them for a long period of time and they don’t start. You never get that issue with us because its fuel injected. That’s one of the main features of our generator. The generator is on special on our website for $899. If you use the discount code FREESHIP you get free shipping anywhere in Australia. You can get this generator for $899, delivered to anywhere in Australia, right to your door. Thanks very much!


3.8KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator

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