Get the full life span out of your Batteries.

Flexible solar panels by iTechworld

Solar panels are the ideal way to keep your power systems in good condition, whether it’s a boat, camper trailer, motorhome, work ute, 4x4, caravan or other RV.  



Battery charging

Solar panels can be used in lieu of running the motor, generator or plugging into power. It also saves fuel and provides a quiet alternative to noisy generators.




Battery maintenance

To ensure a long life of your expensive battery bank it is essential to keep your batteries topped up at all times. A solar panel will keep your batteries fully charged and healthy, even when you aren’t using your rig.


Battery Running appliances/sytems

If your RV is fitted with electronics that require an ongoing power source such as an automatic water pump, fridge, security system or automatic lights, solar panels can (assist in) providing the power to run these appliances even when you don't have access to 240v power.


iTechworld Semi Flexible solar panels for boat, caravan, RV or home

At just 1/8th the weight of a standard domestic panel, iTechworld Semi Flexible Solar Panels are the ultimate in lightweight, flexible, monocrystalline solar. The panels are constructed with highly efficient solar cells supported in a unique polymer that allows for flexibility and significant weight reduction. These panels have no aluminum or steel backing like other semi-flexible panels, which means they are extremely lightweight. At just 1.5mm thick and weighing from 1.5kg, they are the thinnest and lightest panels available in the world.


Recent advances in technology means that the 120 watt panel measures only 1050mm x 540mm and weighs 1.5kg. This light weight and small size allows the panels to be sewn into your boat’s canvas roof top or shade structure with a zipper to make use of otherwise vacant space. They are strong, reliable and tough enough to be glued directly to the deck of a boat or to a RV rooftop.

Manufactured to European, Asian and American solar standards, iTechworld panels are CE certified which means the cells are certified to output 90% of power after 10 years and 80% after 20 years. Any RV/boat can benefit from the addition of solar power, whether it's to keep batteries charged for essential equipment, provide a charge to power lights and refrigeration or keep a secondary battery fully charged. These panels are ideal for use on RVs/boats where weight and space need to be carefully monitored.

The Sun Power (SP) cells which are used in the iTechworld 120w Semi Flexible panel are the most efficient commercially available solar cells worldwide. The panel uses standard monocrystalline cells with an efficiency exceeding 22.5% and is available in 120 watt. This panel is used where maximum output is required for a given space ie: the iTechworld 120 Watt Semi Flexible Solar Panel is physically smaller than the iTechworld 120 Watt Hard Frame panel but produces equal power.

Solar charge controllers are available via the iTechworld website and must be used to maximize the output of your panel and to protect your batteries.

This unique technology is now available only at iTechworld Australia!

  • thin & flexible
  • tough & durable
  • efficient
  • cost effective
  • lightweight
  • designed for Australian environment


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