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What Do I Need To Get Satellite TV?

At iTechworld we like to keep things simple, and the easy base satellite antenna is about as simple as it can get.

Access to Satellite TV in Australia requires a certified VAST set top box or a compatible Foxtel or Austar satellite set top box (STB) and satellite dish of at least 65cm in diameter.

Whilst we stock 65cm dishes as required by VAST our experience suggests that most people need an 85cm dish for the ease in tuning.

Whilst a 65cm should be sufficient we know that people find it hard to tune the further north they take it.

Easy Base

The Easy Base Deluxe kit is a state of the art 85cm satellite antenna kit (Also available in 75cm). Simply add your own satellite set top box to this kit to receive Satellite TV.

The kit comes with a easy base satellite antenna, low noise blocker (LNB), fly lead to connect to the satellite finder, satellite finder, compass, 20m of coaxial cable, wall plate for caravan and another fly lead to connect the set top box to the wall plate and easy to follow instructions.

The Easy Base weighs only 3.5kg and is portable and easy to use.
  • 2014 model high gain 85cm steel dish
  • 30 second fold out
  • Folds flat to a compact storage bag
  • Super light weight with easy base
  • Compatible with VAST, Foxtel, Austar.
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The Complete Traveller

This is the complete package and comes with everything you need for Satellite TV.
  • Easy base deluxe satellite kit - plus
  • A brand new UEC VAST receiver.
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    How easy is it?

    Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and a reference chart to give the starting point directions and elevations to receive satellite TV.

    The instructions will indicate a direction to face the satellite antenna generally in a northerly direction.

    A elevation will then be set for the dish. The Low Noise Blocker (LNB) will detect the satellite and the broadcast will pass through the LND, along the fly lead to the satellite finder.

    The satellite finder gets its power from the Set Top Box through the 20m cable and if you have found the satellite it will start to squell.

    By manipulating the satellite antenna up and down and left to right you will be able to tune the antenna until the satellite finder registers a signal of 10.

    By turning the satellite finder back to 5 you can then fine tune the satellite antenna making micro moves to the antenna, left and right and up and down until the signal again registers at 10.

    Once the signal strength is at 10 the satellite set top box will automatically tune in the channels.

    It is that Easy, the Easy Base Deluxe Kit.


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