There are “experts” everywhere!

There are “experts” everywhere!


Hi, i am the head technician at iTechworld. I spend a lot of time helping people get their satellite TV systems working.
Doing technical support for iTechworld means I get to see all manner of different problems.  Some are really complex and challenging, others are as simple as telling someone that their Vast Smartcard is already inside the set top box.  The one problem however that keeps coming around and around over and over again is the local “expert” at the caravan park who has “been doing this for years”.  They have “experience doing it with all different equipment” changing the settings in other peoples equipment when there is no need to do so.  To be fair usually these people have the best intentions at heart and are genuinely trying to help however in a lot of cases it’s not actually helping at all.  It’s making it worse.


Vast boxes are pre-set! It does not matter if you have an Altech or a Satking Vast box they are all pre-set and ready to use.  There is absolutely no need what so ever to go in and change the LNB settings, the frequencies or any other setting in there.  The LNB is set to 10700 that means the Vast box will only work using a 10700 LNB, if you do not have a 10700 LNB then you will have to get one, changing the setting in the Vast box to suit your LNB will not work.


The iTechworld D3 and D4 satellite finders are pre-set by iTechworld technicians before they leave the shop.  They are ready to use right out of the box and will lock onto the Optus C1/D3 satellite.  If you change the setting in the D3 or D4 satellite finder it will not work.


If you think that someone has changed your settings, altered your box or done anything you aren’t sure about then please call me,  08 9472 7200 or 1300 483 249.  I will be more than happy to help you.  I can talk you through how to set your Vast box or Satellite finder back to the correct settings.


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