Solar Panels for Caravan

12V Solar Panels


Get FREE energy from the sun with iTechworld’s portable folding solar panels. Designed in Australia, these state of the art panels will easily power your fridge, microwave, kettle, TV and much, much more! Don’t purchase cheap, imitation solar panels; get the best without spending a fortune! iTechworld panels feature:

  • A-Grade Mono-Si Crystals which are the highest quality cells on the market
  • Padded Zip Up Bag which offers great portability and easy storage
  • Folding, Collapsible Stand which allows the panels to fold into a small easy to store unit  
  • 5m Alligator Clips which allows ample cord length between panel and battery
  • Heavy duty and durable hinges, locks and corners ensuring long sustaining durability
  • Toughened Glass Covering to protect the cells from the elements


Solar Power for 4x4, caravan, camper trailer, boat and motorhome

iTechworld offers the panels in 120w, 160w or 200w option. These solar panels are perfect for free campers, caravanners, 4WDers or anyone looking to harness FREE power from the sun!




These panels are moving fast! Offer valid for one week only while stocks last.


Call us on (08) 9472 7200 to receive the Solar Panel Special



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