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Three Snakebites in Queensland


A man has died and two others are in a stable condition after being bitten by venomous snakes across Queensland yesterday.

A 62-year-old grandfather died after he was bitten on his hand by an unidentified snake in the backyard of his Toolakea beachside property north-east of Townsville on Sunday morning.

The man's wife and granddaughter performed first aid and called emergency services about 8.30am.

The man was in cardiac arrest when the paramedics arrived and died at the scene, nearly an hour after being bitten.

Meanwhile, a 46-year-old man was bitten by a snake on Sunday afternoon at Junction View, about an hour south-east of Toowoomba.

The man received first aid from family members before being transported by paramedics to Gatton Base Hospital in a stable condition.

In a separate incident, a 46-year-old Cairns woman was bitten on the leg by a brown snake hiding in her car at Edmonton in Far North Queensland on Sunday evening.

She was rushed to Cains Base Hospital, and was released on Monday morning.

954 people were admitted to hospital in Queensland in 2014 after being in contact with or bitten by a snake.

Between January and August of this year 673 people have been admitted to hospital in relation to coming into contact with or being bitten by a snake.

Nationally, there are about two deaths from snakebite every year and on average 2.9 people per 100,000 have been hospitalised.

This data does not include people who were attended by Queensland Ambulance Services or admitted to an emergency ward.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson said if you are bitten by a snake, move away from the area, apply a compression bandage to the site, immobilise the area of the bite and call 000.

Do not wash the bite site, as a swab test can be performed to trace the type of venom.


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