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How American Solar Cells are changing the game

Most Solar Cells these days are now manufactured in China - even the German Certified ones. Bosch Chairman, Dr Volkmar Denner, says massive oversupply and falls of nearly 40 percent in the price of solar panels has left his company with no choice but to abandon solar energy.

According to Denner, an explosion in manufacturing of solar materials in China in 2012 along with cuts to European renewable energy incentives had put “unrelenting” pressure on Bosch’s Solar Energy division, which sustained a loss of one billion euros (AUD$1.3 billion).

“The drastic changes in the market, particularly the rapid increase in capacity in China, simply couldn’t be foreseen,” Denner said. “We are still convinced that photovoltaics will play an important role in the energy mix of the future. However, even we are not capable of sustaining such heavy losses forever.”


This stunning turn of events means that almost every Solar Cell you see these days comes from China. There should be no stigma whatsoever towards Chinese Solar Cells as the quality control is now of the highest standard. With the closure of the the European production line China has taken over and now has to make sure that every single Solar Cell is produced to a European standard. This is great news for the consumer as a high quality product investment is now available and a cost effective price.


If you do crave something different from the norm, there is one other place outside of China that can boast producing over 500 thousand Solar Cells and that place is Milpitas, California USA.


These American Cells are fundamentally different from other Solar Cells. And dramatically better. They have a unique copper foundation, meaning the cell delivers unmatched reliability and allows iTechworld to build panels of the highest efficiency.


What makes these Solar Cells Fundamentally different from other Solar Cells?

  • No Gridlines on Front of Cell - By having no gridlines the American cells absorb more sun light as the metal paste gridlines on other Solar Cells reflects light causing the power output to drop.
  • Solid Copper Backing - A thick copper foundation adds massive strength and is almost impervious to corrosion. Standard cells have more metal paste gridlines which do not have the same strength as copper.
  • Thick Connectors - Expansion from daily temperature swings are handled better with thick connectors. Lose one narrow ribbon on standard cells and the whole cell fails

ITechworld have took this new American Solar Cell technology and added it to their popular Airflex range. Previously made of aluminum the new Airflex range is made using TPT. This is the abbreviation of Tedlar Polyester Tedlar and is a composite-layer film used as covering foil on the backs of solar modules.


What is Tedlar? Tedlar refers to Polyvinyl fluoride (PVF), a thermoplastic fluoropolymer material which features high weather-resistance and inherent strength, has low permeability of moisture, vapor, oil and can be used in a wide temperature range of between -70°C to +110°C.


Beyond these material qualities, Tedlar - if transparent - allows for a high degree of light spectrum permeability.


The other major benefit is of course that Tedlar is extremely light weight, a standard 100 Watt Solar Panel on average weighs between 7kg and 10kg the new 100 Watt Airflex Solar Panel from iTechworld weighs just 2kg!


Solar Panels With American Cells

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Ross Wilson#1

What is the length of the wiring and what type of clip attaches the wiring to the power source


Hi Ross,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The length of cable is 80cm has mc4 waterproof connectors on it.

These can be removed and replaced with Anderson plugs if needed.


John Edwards#3

Hi Ian,

What mountings do you use for the semi flexible panel.


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