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iTechworld 12 Volt Flexible LED Light

iTechworld 12 Volt Flexible LED Light.


iTechworld's 12 Volt Flexible LED Camp light could be regarded as one of the most versatile light sources available for the Australian outdoor recreation market today. Its minimal power draw allows it to be used for camping, 4x4, motor homes, caravans and boats without putting a strain onto your power supply.

We have taken great pride in producing a product that has the beautiful yet harsh Australian market in mind. This enables you to have the confidence knowing that whatever the conditions, wherever you are you will have a light source to suit your needs.


Specs & info 

  • Aussie tough.
  • 1.1m long light strip.
  • 5m long cable.
  • Waterproof control switch.
  • Heavy duty carry bag.
  • It plugs straight into a 12v cigarette socket.
  • Low amperage draw.
  • Produces a bright white light. 


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