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The Marriage Saver

If you are a grey nomad or like to watch the footy out in the bush then there is a good chance you have had some sort of experience setting up satellite TV. This usually means you have had some sort of frustration using the Analogue D1 Meter as pictured below.

Lets make it clear that the D1 meter is perfectly adequate for picking up Optus C1. If you have the patience and are using it correctly it should be fairly straight forward. Confusion can come into play however due to the fact that the D1 meter will give you a reading on every satellite in the sky. Then take into account that there are another 3 satellites really close to Optus C1, this is why a lot of customers can lose patience and become frustrated. Customer feedback tell us that people think they have locked onto Optus C1 when they have actually locked onto a satellite either below or above Optus C1.


For years Foxtel and home satellite TV installers have had the edge when it comes to locking on to the satellite. They have had access to really expensive equipment that just about does all the hard work for you. ITechworld have now brought the technology that installers use and have made it affordable in the form of the iTechworld D4 "Marriage Saver" Satellite Finder.


The iTechworld D4 Meter is the most up to date satellite finder on the market today. It is fully programmed to detect and lock onto Optus C1. It eliminates all those satellite that you don't need and pin points the one you do need, Optus C1. The D4 lets you know when you are getting closer to the satellite by giving you a visual display of Signal Quality the screen. When you are on the satellite the blue LOCK light comes on and then you will see an actual Live TV Picture on the screen. All of this is in the palm of your hand. No more shouting inside to your wife IS IT ON YET?? You have all the signal strength, quality and TV Picture information in the palm of your hand. The beauty of the D4 is that Its all battery operated and fully rechargeable on 12v or 240v. When you have the TV picture up and you are satisfied with the signal strength and quality, simply peg your Easy Base Dish down, disconnect the D4, connect the Easy Base Dish to the Set Top Box and you are finished. It took you a grand total of 4 minutes to do the whole set up! Proud of yourself? You will be!



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