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iTECH120 120AH 12 Volt Lithium Battery

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iTECH120 120AH 12 Volt Lithium Battery

Every now and then, a technological breakthrough occurs that has a major impact on the Australian recreational vehicle industry. One such breakthrough that is creating a lot of buzz and excitement is happening right here in Western Australia, it’s called the iTECH120. The iTECH120 is a 120 Amp Hour lithium battery that has been designed and developed by Perth based, family owned and operated company iTechworld.

Currently, lead acid RV batteries dominate the market in Australia, but there’s a superior alternative to these traditional heavy batteries. That alternative is lithium. Lithium batteries have been around for several years, but the tech has never quite taken off in the RV market due to several factors. The biggest factor being that a specialized charger was required to re-charge the lithium batteries and also the cost of the lithium batteries was often close to $4000. The design and development team at iTechworld have studied the market and addressed all these factors and have brought together the most advanced battery available anywhere in the world. As iTechworld are proudly West Australian they have used lithium sourced in Western Australia for their iTECH120.

The main benefit of the iTECH120 120 Amp Hour lithium battery is that it weighs considerably less than your existing lead acid batteries. Most 120 Amp Hour deep cycle batteries weigh upwards of 30kg the iTECH120 lithium battery weighs just 13kg, yes you did read that correctly, just 13kg! The iTECH120 has an extremley large discharge current, you can pull a a massive 250 Amps from the iTECH120, most other lithium batteries only let you take approx 50 Amps out making them almost useless. The iTECH120 lithium battery has a sophisticated BMS built into the battery. This allows you to hook up to 4 together in parallel.

Three years of development on the iTECH120 has enabled iTechworld to pre-install a sophisticated Battery Management System to each unit. This is the heartbeat of the system and the technology has been patented by iTechworld. The pre-installed Battery Management System allows you to use your existing charging systems such as battery chargers and solar panels. No changing of systems, equipment or extensive re-wiring is required. You simply pull your old heavy batteries out (if your back allows it) and put the new lightweight iTECH120 in. It’s as easy as that. The iTECH120 is a drop-in replacement for your existing old and heavy batteries. 

Your typical lead acid RV battery only allows you to use around 50% of the rated capacity. The iTECH120 allows you to use 80% of the capacity so not only is the iTECH120 three times lighter than a standard 120AH deep cycle battery it’s also more efficient as you can use more of the power stored in the battery.

Your RV isn’t just a means to get from point A to point B during holiday times. It’s your vehicle and your home. So, safety matters. The iTECH120 batteries are designed with a built-in safety measure. Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, typically don’t include this fail-safe measure and are sometimes susceptible to fire when they meet foreign metals. The iTECH120 isn’t just one of the safest lithium batteries on the planet it is one of the most up to date batteries available anywhere thanks to its in built, pre-installed Battery Management System and safety measures.

Battery life span matters. You are probably already familiar with the tedious process of replacing a lead acid battery once every two or three years. This is a thing of the past as an investment in an iTECH120 battery will give you a much more modern, clean and light weight power source that can do 4 times as many cycles as your lead acid battery. A cycle is how battery life is measured each cycle is measured as one full discharge and then one full re-charge of a battery. A standard lead acid battery can cycle approx. 500 times. The iTECH120 can cycle over 2000 times.

The iTECH120 is extremely eco-friendly, this means your RV doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. The iTECH120 is the green battery option you’ve been waiting for. It powers your travels with clean energy and reduces CO2 emissions. Disposal is environmentally friendly, too. The iTECH120 is considered a green battery as it is made of recyclable materials.

Heavy duty case
Can be connected in parallel (up to 4)
High discharge current 250A
Heavy duty removable M8 Bolt Battery terminals
Maintenance free
Lifting handle fitted to ensure secure hold when moving
In built battery management system
Over discharge protection

Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
Charging Voltage: 14.7v or less
Discharge cut off Voltage: 10v
Standard charge current: 50A
Maximum charge current: 100A
Standard discharge current: 100A
Max discharge current: 250A
Output connector: M8 Stud
Weight: 13kg each
Dimensions: 330x173x215mm . (LxWxH) per unit (Height 225mm including terminals)
Optimal charge temp range: 0°c - 45°c
Optimal discharge temp range: -20°c to + 60°c
Optimal storage temp: -10°c - 45°c

1x 120AH 12V Lithium Battery
In built in Advanced iTechworld Battery Management System




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