iTECH100SS Super Slim Lithium Battery (Bluetooth) + FREE 12v Mini Control Box

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  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery
  • Super-slim design
  • 5-year Australian Warranty



Quick facts about the iTECH100SS 12v 100Ah Super Slim Lithium Battery:

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • True drop-in replacement - no need to change chargers or equipment
  • Only weighs 14.3 kg 
  • 100Ah of 100% usable capacity
  • 5-year Australian warranty 
  • Australian designed and developed
  • Australian certified including IEC:62619

The new and improved iTECH100SS 100Ah Super Slim Lithium Battery with Bluetooth is small but packs a punch! Measuring at only 55mm wide and weighing in at 14.3kg, the iTECH100SS has been designed to be the ultimate Super Slim battery those with small spaces but wanting maximum power in their Utes, 4WD's and Canopies. Designed and developed in Australia, the iTECH100SS Slimline Battery is suited to thrive in our harsh Australian conditions, with 100% useable capacity, Bluetooth monitoring, suitable for high heat conditions, certified to IEC 62619 and backed by a 5-year Aussie warranty. 

100% Useable Capacity

With a 100% useable capacity, you are able to draw the full 100Ah from the battery. The iTECH100SS features the latest in prismatic cell technology allowing for its small form factor and lightweight nature.  Prismatic cells are thin in profile, deliver higher discharge, have a longer life expectancy, are extraordinarily light and utilise a more effective use of space.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Never guess your batteries health again. The iTECH100SS Lithium Battery now comes integrated with Bluetooth compatibility to monitor your battery's status via the iTechworld app. Download the iTechworld app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Certified Safety

For almost 20 years iTechworld has been at the forefront of Australian lithium battery design and development. Our relentless pursuit of improvement and rigorous testing insures all our batteries surpass the highest standards. Certified to the Australian standard IEC:62619, iTechworld lithium batteries are amount the safest and most reliable options in the Australian market.

Drop in replacement

Designed to be a true drop-in replacement for existing systems, the iTECH100SS is the ideal choice for those wanting to upgrade their current heavy AGM or lead-acid systems to lightweight lithium technology. Simply pull out your old AGM or lead-acid batteries and drop in the iTECH100SS Lithium Battery. It's really that simple!

Prismatic Cells

Utilising A-grade prismatic lithium LiFePO4 cells, the iTECH100SS offers drastic advantages over other cell types. Prismatic cells are thin in profile, deliver higher discharge, have a longer life expectancy, are extraordinarily light and utilise a more effective use of space. The prismatic cells offer a minimum of 4000 cycles for long-term reliability.

Battery Management System

To super-charge the iTECH100SS performance, we have equipped it with a new Battery Management System (BMS) specially programmed by iTechworld engineers to auto cell-balance and squeeze every ounce of performance from this deep cycle battery.

Unique Configuration

iTech100SS features 2x 120A and 1x 50A Anderson plugs for flexible input/output options. 

Control your 12v system with ease 

Embrace the great outdoors with the ultimate 12V Mini Control Box , designed for adventure enthusiasts who love caravanning, camping, 4WDing, and exploring the outback. The compact size is ideal for portability, providing exactly what you require to power all your small appliances. 

Plug and Play Design

The iTechworld 12V Mini Control Box is effortlessly powered by a battery through a 50A Anderson plug.

Optional 50 Amp Anderson to Eyelets adapter will allow you to seamlessly connect the iTechworld 12V Mini Control Box to a battery if an Anderson connection is not available. 



  • 1x iTECH100SS 100Ah Lithium 12v Battery 
  • 1x Instruction Manual 


As a testament to the toughness and performance of our iTECH100SS lithium batteries, we have backed them up with a full 5-year Australian warranty (3 years full replacement, 2 years pro-rata).

*Storage deep cycle battery only. It cannot be used as a cranking battery.

Frequently asked questions about the iTECH100SS 100Ah Lithium 12v Battery with Bluetooth

1. How long will a 100Ah lithium battery last (how many hours)?

A 100Ah lithium 12-volt battery can last an extended period, providing continuous power for various devices. Unlike AGM batteries, which typically have a lower usable capacity, lithium batteries utilise 100% of their power capacity.

This means you can rely on the full 100Ah to power your devices, ensuring longer runtimes and enhanced performance. As an example we ran a fridge which drew 1 amp per hour for just over 4 full days. 

2. How does the Bluetooth monitoring feature work?

The iTECH100SS has an internal battery monitoring system with Bluetooth, and is compatible with the iTechConnect Battery Management App. The iTechConnect app allows you to access real time key information on the current status of your battery including voltage, current capacity and temperature. For more information, download the Bluetooth App manual here. 

3. How much solar (number of solar panels) do you need to charge a 100Ah lithium 12v battery?

To charge a 100Ah lithium deep cycle battery effectively, we recommend a 2:1 ratio of solar panels to battery capacity. In this case, for every 100Ah battery, we suggest using approximately 200 watts of solar power.

Our range of solar panels, including 150-watt hard frame panels, 200-watt flexi panels, and 300-watt solar blankets, offers versatile options to meet your charging needs efficiently.

4. What size inverter do I need for a 100Ah lithium battery?

The battery itself can run up to 2000 Watts; however, the Anderson plug is only rated for 120 Amps 1536 Watts. We suggest the iTechworld 1000W Inverter


Nominal Voltage:  12.8V
C20 Rating usable amps 10v: 100Ah
Standard Discharge Current 100A
Max Discharge Current 200A 
Standard Charge Current 10A-50A
Maximum Charge Current 100A
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Optimum Temperature Range: +5 to +60°C
BMS Operational Temperature Range: -40 to 80°C
Safety Protection Isolator: 80°C
BMS Charge Cut Off Voltage  15V
Recommended Charge Voltage: 14.4V
BMS Charge Cut Off Voltage: 15V
BMS Low Voltage Cut Off: 8.5 - 9v
Life Cycles 100%: 4000+
Life Cycles 50%: 10000+
Life Cycles 30%: 16000+
Dimensions (LxWxH): 487x55x290mm (H = 358mm with brackets)
Weight: 14.3Kg
Terminal Type: 2x 120A & 1x 50AAnderson Plug
Case Material: Metal
Safety Certifications: IEC:62619 Certified