iTECH120X Pro Lithium Battery (Bluetooth) + FREE 12v Battery Box

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  • Bluetooth Compatibility
  • 120Ah LiFePO4 Battery
  • Drop In Replacement
  • 5-year Australian Warranty


Quick facts about the iTECH120X PRO 12v 120Ah Lithium Battery:

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • True drop-in replacement - no need to change chargers or equipment
  • IP67 Waterproof - perfect for external mounting
  • Only weighs 12.5 kg (59% lighter than an equivalent AGM battery)
  • 120Ah of 100% usable capacity
  • 5-year Australian warranty 
  • Australian designed and developed
  • Australian certified including IEC:62619

Looking for a compact portable power solution that can go anywhere? Turn your 12v lithium bluetooth connected battery into a user-friendly power station. The iTechworld battery box + iTECH120X Pro (bluetooth enabled) battery bundle is the perfect solution for your next camping adventure.



The iTECH120X PRO with Bluetooth warranty is 5 years (3 years full replacement 2 years pro-rata).

*Storage deep cycle battery only. It cannot be used as a cranking battery.

If your iTechworld battery enters safe mode, please follow the instructions HERE


Nominal Voltage:  12.8V
C20 Rating usable amps 10v: 120Ah
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Optimum Temperature Range: +5 to +60°C
BMS Operational Temperature Range: -5 to 80°C
Safety Protection Isolator: 80°C
Recommended Charge Current: 1 - 60A
Maximum Charge Current: 100A 
Recommended Charge Voltage: 14.4V
BMS Charge Cut Off Voltage: 15V
BMS Low Voltage Cut Off: 8.5 - 9V
Continuous Discharge: 150A (175A 5 mins)
Peak Discharge: 270A 5 secs
Series Connection: Up to 48V (4 x batteries)
Parallel Connection: Unlimited
Life Cycles 100%: 4000
Life Cycles 50%: 8000+
Dimensions (LxWxH): 330x173x215mm (230mm including terminals)
Weight: 12.5Kg
Terminal Type: M8
Case Material: ABS
Safety Certifications:

UL Certified 1642
CE Certified
IP67 Rated
Rohs Certified
UN38.3 Certified
ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 1400 Certified
IEC:62619 Certified

Frequently asked questions about the iTECH120X PRO 120Ah Lithium 12v Battery with Bluetooth

1. Can I charge an iTECH120X PRO lithium battery and use it at the same time?

Yes, you can charge and discharge simultaneously with an iTechworld lithium battery.

2. How does the Bluetooth monitoring feature work?

The iTECH120X PRO has an internal battery monitoring system with Bluetooth, and is compatible with the iTechConnect Battery Management App. The iTechConnect app allows you to access real time key information on the current status of your battery including voltage, current capacity and temperature. For more information, download the Bluetooth App manual here. 

3. Can I use my iTechworld lithium storage battery under the bonnet?

The iTECH120X PRO, can be used under the bonnet, but we recommend wrapping the battery in a heat shield.

The only time you should not mount the battery under the bonnet is if the battery is going to be situated close to the vehicle’s turbo or the battery you are using is not waterproof.

4. Can I mount the iTECH120X PRO on its side?

Yes, iTechworld batteries can be mounted on their side, they cannot be mounted upside down.

5. How do I store my iTechworld lithium storage battery?

  • Charge the battery to a resting voltage of 13.2-13.5v.
  • Store the battery in a dry cool environment away from any moisture or humidity.
  • Check the battery voltage every 3 months and top up if required.
  • Do not store the battery in direct sunlight.