300 Watt Portable Folding Solar Panel with Advanced Solar Cells

300 Watt Portable Folding Solar Panel with Advanced Solar Cells

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Light Weight 300 Watt Solar Panel

Using the most up to date Solar Cells available anywhere in the world iTechworld  now have a new portable folding 300 Watt Solar System.This new and improved Solar System is a one stop solution, it comes complete with everything you need to quickly and easily set up your portable power station. No other fittings or accessories are required, it's plug and play! ITechworld solar panels are designed to charge any battery system and are fully compatible with all Recreational Vehicles on the Australian market today. Being power self-sufficient frees up your trip as you are no longer restricted to camp sites and caravan parks. The iTechworld 300 Watt portable Solar Panel will give you the chance to explore more of beautiful Australia and will save you money in the long run.

The 300 Watt Solar Panel has state of the art Solar Cells which enables charging even in shaded conditions.  The panel has marine grade weather resistant steel hinges, clips and fittings with a solid sturdy collapsible carry handle. Unlike some other solar panels the iTechworld 300 Watt Solar Panel is fully waterproof, hail proof and shock resistant, yet only weighs 15kg. You can connect to your battery using the Anderson plug or Alligator clips provided. You can never over charge your battery as iTechworld have also included an Intelligent Solar Charge controller which manages the current your battery receives and protects it. The iTechworld 300 Watt Solar Panel can produce a whopping 16.6 Amps per hour meaning you can have your fridge running 24/7 with power left over for you to keep your batteries fully charge for night time.

By having the top of the range cells it means the solar panel can absorb more sun light than other previous models.

The new 300 Watt Portable Folding Solar Panel from iTechworld is tailor made for Australian conditions and will generate enough power to run your 12v Fridge, TV, Lights and your other chargeable accessories. The investment in a solar panel is a no brainer when you take into consideration the costs of powered sites these days, the 300 Watt Solar Panel easily pays for itself after only a few days’ use.


+ Monocrystalline Advanced Solar Cells
+ Shade tolerant charging
+ 25 Year Performance Guarantee
+ Dust proof cover
+ Marine grade weather resistant steel hinges, clips and fittings
+ Solid sturdy carry handle
+ Intelligent Solar Charge Controller
+ Blocking diodes fitted on every iTechworld Solar Panel
+ Hail proof and shock resistant 
+ Charges 12-volt battery systems including our new lithium battery
+ Battery Connection Kit



+ Max Power: 300W
+ Open-Circuit Voltage: 21V
+ Max Power Voltage: 18V
+ Short-Circuit Current: 18.3A
+ Max Power Current: 16.6A



    + 300W  Folding Solar Panel with Fold out stand
    + Dust cover
    + Lead with Alligator clips and Anderson Plugs
    + Solar Charge Controller

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