German Generator Inverter 2kva
2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave
Fuel efficient Gen set
Australian Generator
Light Weight Generator
  • German Generator Inverter 2kva
  • 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave
  • Fuel efficient Gen set
  • Australian Generator
  • Light Weight Generator

2kVA Pure Sine Inverter Generator Portable Petrol Mighty Mouse gen set

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iTechworld Mighty Mouse 2KVA Generator

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How can a Generator this small produce so much power? The answer is simple, it is fully equipped with the most up to date German Inverter Technology. The key is to this is in the voltage control which enables this rugged little “Mighty Mouse” Generator to produce a clean, efficient pure sine-wave current without any surges. This means that it is ideal for running sensitive electronic equipment such as TV’s and can charge all your home comfort devices such smartphones, tablets and laptops.
The iTechworld Mighty Mouse Generator weighs a convenient 8.5kg and has a heavy duty ergonomic handle. The portable design means there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy all your indoor conveniences in the great Australian outdoors.
Grab your super lightweight iTechworld Mighty Mouse Generator today and take all your home sweet home comforts on your next big trip!

Have peace of mind knowing you can run all your sensitive equipment due to Pure Sine Wave Generator Technology.

The possibilities are endless with the iTechworld Mighty Mouse Generator! You can power a camp shower, shaver or charge electronic devices on your campsite. Run lights, a satellite system or some small tools on your job site.

Lightest Generator on the market at just 8.5kg! Mighty Mouse!
Compact design and with easy-to-carry handle for transport

3.6L fuel tank with run time of 6.5 hours at half load

Rubber feet to minimize crawling and vibration. Mighty Mouse doesn’t do running away!

100% Pure Sine Wave - Tested with sensitive equipment
Single 240v 50Hz outlet.  
6.5 hours (on half load)  
3.6 Litre fuel oil capacity 
Recoil pull start

Key Benefits
Suitable for Camping
Caravans & Mobile Homes
Easy to store

Max AC output 2.0kW
Rated AC output 1.2kW
PLEASE NOTE: 'Continuous Rated Output' is what power this generator consistently and reliably provide.
Rated Voltage 240V
AC outlet single 
Engine: Single cylinder/ two-stroke petrol engine 
Displacement 43cc 
Engine Speed 6500rpm
Noise - [email protected] Full Load  
Oil Type: FB two-stroke engine oil
Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded 95+RON
Fuel/ Oil Tank Capacity: 3.6L
Mixing Ratio: 50:1    Spark Plug: L6
Weight 8.5kg
Note: Power produced by generators can fluctuate +/- 8%. Do not attempt to connect any sensitive electronic devices without a suitable surge protector. UPS or power filter is recommended for powering expensive equipment.

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1 x 2kVa  Generator Pure Sine Inverter.


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