Generator 4kVA Pure Sine Inverter Petrol Gen Set Redback

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4000 Watts 4KW Inverter Generator REDBACK Pure Sine Wave Petrol


***MODEL UPDATE: Shop the all new Redback RB4.5 4.5kVA Petrol Inverter Generator


We are introducing the new Redback Generator 4000 watt, a super quiet, compact generator ideal for camping, caravanning and home backup power.

The Redback Generator has 2 x 15 amp outlets, a digital display, wheels, a trolley, remote start, key start, EFI, automatic economy mode and 12 volts DC charging.

Being an 'inverter' generator, the Redback produces clean power, identical to the electricity you would receive at home. The Redback Generator is suitable for running sensitive electronic equipment such as TVs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and cameras.

The carburettor has an electronic injector, a fuel injector mounted on the carburettor body. These injectors spray fuel directly into the carburettor throat or intake manifold, providing a more precise fuel delivery than a traditional carburettor and helping the RB4 start easily.

Are you looking for an affordable, powerful inverter generator? The Redback Generator has you covered!

What can it run? Some examples are below. All items must be within the Redback Generator's spec to operate. Please note that some items can have large start-up currents exceeding specifications.

Hair Dryer
Coffee Machine
Belt Sander
Pressure Washer
Air Compressor
Portable Heater
Electric Hand Drill
Bench Grinder
And much more!

Electronic Fuel Injection with TURBO: More power and efficiency
Automatic Economy Mode
Computerised Pure Sine Wave Inverter
LCD Display to monitor the power being used
Key Start
Remote Control Start
Easy pull start
100% pure sine-wave power
4000W max / 3600W continuous output
2 x 15AMP 240V power outlets
DC 12V outlet (Free DC Cable) 
Quiet approx 56dB (10m away)
Overload protection
Low oil indicator
Up to 6L fuel tank: 6 + hours run time load dependent
Fully portable - Built-in wheels and trolley
Lightweight and compact

Dimension: (LxWxH) 570x290x490mm
Weight: 33KG

Key Benefits
Suitable for Camping
Backup power for house or business
Caravans & Mobile Homes
Easy to start

Max AC output 4.0kW
Max Amps 15
Rated AC output 3.6kW
Rated Amps 15
Rated Voltage 240V
DC output Voltage 12V
DC output Current 8.3A
AC outlet double 15Amp
DC outlet single 'T' Type
Type Air-cooled, 4 stroke, OHV, Petrol Engine 200cc
Ignition Mode T.D.I 
Fuel Type Petrol 95+Ron
Fuel Capacity up to 6 litres 
Oil Type SAE 10W30 HERE
Oil Capacity 450ml 
Spark Plug A7RTC 


1x Redback Pure Sine Wave Generator
2x Keys to start/stop the Generator
2x Remote Control to start/stop Generator
1x Tool kit

Download the user guide HERE