Plug and Play DCDC Wiring Kit

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Heavy Duty Plug & Play DCDC Wiring / Installation Kit. 

Featuring a three-pin 50 amp Anderson-style connector with ignition wire, the Plug & Play DCDC Wiring Kit is designed with the user in mind. Our premium plug-and-play kit makes installation a breeze. The kit has been carefully crafted for easy DIY fitting and now includes a pre-installed 80amp Maxifuse for added convenience.

The new and improved wiring kit also features a three-pin 50 amp Anderson-style plug, making it completely plug-and-play for any system that uses Anderson connectors for charging input. With our 80amp Maxifuse cable pre-installed into six meters of heavy-duty 8 B&S cable, the wiring kit provides 50A of circuit protection.

The built-in ignition wire into the three-pin Anderson connector allows for even easier installation, removing the need to run multiple cables through your vehicle. This cable is pre-crimped with Anderson connector terminals, making it easy to run through holes and grommets. Once the cable is run, clip the Three Pin Anderson connector on.

The kit also includes cable ties for securing the main cables giving you everything you need for a professional wiring installation. Make connecting your 12V dual battery system hassle-free with the iTechworld Ultimate Dual Battery System Wiring Kit.



  • 6 meters of heavy-duty twin core 8 AWG cable 

  • 80A Maxifuse pre-installed

  • Pre-crimped Anderson terminals

  • 1x 50A 3-pin Anderson connector

  • 3M ignition cable extension 

  •  10x Cable Ties