Generator Engine Oil 10W30 1 litre Redback

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10W30 Small Engine Generator Oil 4-Stroke

Redback Generator engine oil 10W30 is an advanced technology, engine oil formulated to increase power and efficiency in your Redback Generator. Designed specifically to increase engine performance, this unique oil's adaptive strength reduces metal to metal contact across a range of different driving speeds, lowering friction and maximising your Redback Generator's engine performance.


+ Minimizes internal engine friction to provide maximum power and protect internal engine surfaces
+ Provides extended protection for the entire drain interval even under high temperatures and pressures
+ Formulated to improve engine efficiency while minimising engine deposits and maximising engine response
+ Excellent detergency, dispersant and high-temperature anti-oxidation performance, keeping the engine clean
+ Reduces "black sludge" occurring in the sump when frequently used with stop-start applications
+ Suitable for use with all 4-stroke generators


+ 1 Litre Redback Generator Engine Oil 10W30

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