iTECH1300P Solar Generator Kit - iTECH1300P, 200W Solar Blanket & Solar Adapter

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In this Solar Generator Bundle Kit you will receive:

1x iTECH1300P power station kit - for more information click HERE

1x 200W solar blanket kit - for more information click HERE

1x 50A Anderson to 10A Anderson Adapter - Solar adapter which allows the iTECH1300P to be charged via the inbuilt MPPT solar regulator.

Get to know the iTECH1300P

Stay connected and powered up wherever your adventures lead you with iTechworld's iTECH1300P Portable Power Station. This compact yet powerful unit is designed to meet all your on-the-go energy needs, from charging devices to powering appliances.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Power Supply:
    Keep everything from coffee machines and microwaves to laptops and smartphones charged and operational while on the move.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology:
    Equipped with a 100Ah Lithium-Ion LiFeP04 battery and a 1300W pure sine wave inverter, the iTECH1300P sets a new standard in portable power.

  • Eco-Friendly and Quiet:
    Say goodbye to noisy generators and harmful emissions. The iTECH1300P offers a clean, silent alternative to traditional power sources.

  • User-Friendly Design:
    Easy-to-use touch-button operation and an illuminated digital display make monitoring and control effortless.

  • Built for Mobility:
    Ergonomic handles and a robust armour casing ensure that the iTECH1300P is as portable as it is durable.

  • Advanced Monitoring:
    Keep track of charge levels, input/output wattage, ambient temperature, and more with the intuitive digital display.

  • High-Capacity Battery:
    The 100Ah LiFeP04 battery is perfect for powering your entire campsite or outdoor setup.

  • Multiple Output Options:
    With 2x 240V mains power outputs, enjoy the convenience of using frequency-sensitive equipment just like you would at home.

Why Choose the iTECH1300P?
Whether you're camping, boating, or simply enjoying a weekend getaway, the iTECH1300P is your reliable energy companion, ready to meet any power challenge.

Get to know the 200W Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin

Embrace the future of eco-friendly energy solutions with iTechworld's 200W Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin. Designed for the Australian outdoor explorer, this high-performance solar blanket is a must-have for any 12V setup, from camping trips to emergency power supplies.

Key Features:

  • Durability Meets Performance:
    Our innovative Raptor Skin coating is scratch-resistant and anti-reflective, ensuring longevity and optimal energy absorption.

  • High-Efficiency Solar Cells:
    A-grade monocrystalline Solar Cells guarantee the highest levels of energy conversion.

  • Weather-Resistant:
    With an IP64 waterproof rating, this solar blanket performs reliably in all weather conditions.

  • Rugged Construction:
    Built with 600D Ballistic nylon canvas, it's designed to withstand rigorous use in environments like sand, gravel, and rocky terrain.

  • Easy Setup:
    In-built fold-out legs and pre-packaged accessories like a solar regulator, alligator clamps, and Anderson connector cabling make deployment a breeze.

  • Wide Compatibility:
    Compatible with various battery types including LiFepo4, AGM, GEL, WET, and lead acid, it integrates seamlessly into existing setups.

Why Choose the iTechworld 200W Solar Blanket?
Elevate your outdoor experience with a solar blanket that redefines what to expect from portable solar panels. It's not just an accessory; it's a long-term investment in sustainable energy.

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