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The Weekend Adventure Kit - iTECH50S Slim, iTECHDCDC20 & Bypass Switch

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iTechworlds all-new weekend adventure kit is the perfect setup for people wanting to get away for the weekend with friends and family, without missing the comforts from home. 

This weekend adventure kit includes the iTECH054 Slimline lithium battery, iTECHDCDC20 and iTechworld Bypass Switch, allowing you to run appliances such as fridges, lights and other 12v devices.

The iTECHDCDC20 20amp DCDC charger will charge your iTECH54 Slimline battery while you’re on the move from your car alternator and even from your solar panels when your setup at camp.

The Weekend Adventure Kit includes the:

1x iTECH50S Slimline - for more info click HERE

1x iTECHDCDC20 - for more info click HERE 

1x iTechworld Bypass Switch - for more info click HERE

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