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water proof solar 10amp regulator

10 Amp Water Proof Solar Regulator

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Waterproof 12v/24v solar charge controller regulator 10amp.

Compact and robust for use with 12v solar panels up to 120w or 24v up to 240w.  Protect your battery, panel and electronic circuits. This model includes the very efficient PWM charging system to get great performance and longevity from your battery. Built in electronic fuse means even if you make a mistake it will automatically protect and reset your battery, solar panel array and operational circuits.  Additional output control circuit, not normally used on caravans or motorhomes. Suitable for 12/24v applications up to 10A (120w PV @ 12v and 240w PV @24v)  It is an economic waterproof solar charge controller.


Waterproof design
High efficient Series PWM charging
Gel, Sealed and Flooded battery type option
Widely used,
Uses MOSFET as electronic switch
Digital LED menu with simple setting and easy using,
Temperature compensation,
Electronic protection: over charging, over
discharging, overload, short circuit , and overheating
Reverse protection: any combination of solar module and battery.
Microcontroller digital accuracy
PWM Charge mode
Automatic detection of the voltage (battery must be connected before the solar panel)
IP68 rated
Dimensions 145mm x 70mm x 32mm


1 x Solar Regulator Water Proof,10Amp 12v/24v

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