100W Solar Blanket Kit Solar panel for Caravan, Camping, Boats, 4WD, Motorhome

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100 Watt Solar Blanket kit. Solar Panel.

+ A-Grade Mono crystalline Solar Cells
+ Shade tolerant charging
+ Fold out legs to get solar panel at angle
+ Blocking diodes fitted on every Solar Panel
+ Hail proof and shock resistant
+ Can charge 12 volt battery systems
+ Anderson Plugs
+ Alligator Clips
Temperature Range: -40°C - 85°C

Cells :  Mono crystalline
Max Watts:  100W
Max Voltage:  18V
Max Current:  Up to 5.4A
Max Open-Circuit Voltage:  22V
Grade:  Partial shade charging
Weight:  4.0 kg
Dimensions:  380 x 380 x 50 mm (Folded)
                       380 x 1555 x 250 mm (Unfolded)

+ 100 Watt Solar Blanket Kit.
+ Anderson Plugs
+ Alligator Clips
+ Cabling
+ Solar Regulator / Charge Controller
+ Legs


 Download instructions HERE

 Download the regulator instructions HERE

*Statutory Manufacturing Warranty period is 12 months.