Jump Starters

      4 products

      4 products

      Why choose an iTechworld Jump Starter Pack?

      Get back on the road with our portable battery jump starters that also charge fridges, phones, laptops and other 12 volt devices. A must-have emergency accessory for anyone, and not just serious caravan, camping, marine or off-road enthusiasts.

      Jump start any vehicle engine safely and quickly. You can't put a price on that. Some of our range will also bring your lithium 12 volt battery out of safe mode.

      Our most popular products in this category are the 3000a jump starter and the 2000a jump starter models.

      Learn why we think the JS80 is the best jump starter in Australia.

      When you buy an iTechworld jump pack, you're dealing with a proud Australian-owned company. We are constantly developing better products that challenge, and outperform the market. Get more power for your money.

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      For more information on the advantages of owning a jump starter, see 5 Benefits of Using a Portable Jump Starter.


      Frequently asked questions about our jump starter packs

      Do You Really Need a Car Jump Starter? Are they worth it?

      While you might think you'll never find yourself stranded with a flat battery, the unexpected can always happen.

      Whether you're a regular traveller, adventurer, or even someone who occasionally drives, it is your safeguard against unforeseen car battery issues.

      You can forget about asking someone for jumper leads!

      Plus, with our iTechworld units, you can also power various devices, ensuring you're always connected.

      How Do I Choose the Best Jump Pack?

      Here are the key factors to consider when picking the right jump starter for your needs:

      • Battery Capacity: Measured in milliamp hours (mAh), this indicates how much power the jump pack can hold. For bigger vehicles like trucks or some SUVs, you'll need a heavy duty jump starter with higher mAh.
      • Peak Amps: This is the maximum current. Vehicles with larger engines will require a pack with higher amps.
      • Safety Features: Opt for a portable jump starter with features like reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection. iTechworld jump starters are designed with these essential safety features to protect both you and your vehicle.
      • Portability and Size: Consider where you'll be storing the jump starter. You might prefer a more compact design if it's in a small car. However, ensure size doesn't compromise the power you need.
      • Price: While it's essential to consider your budget, remember that with many products, you often get what you pay for. Investing in a reliable brand like iTechworld ensures you get top-notch quality and performance.
      • Customer Reviews: They provide genuine insights into product performance and reliability. With over 730+ positive Google reviews, iTechworld's reputation speaks volumes about the reliability and quality of our equipment.
      • Warranty and Customer Service: Ensure the brand stands behind its product with a solid warranty and offers excellent customer service. iTechworld prides itself on our outstanding service and our commitment to our customers.

      Driven by Innovation: iTechworld's Commitment

      iTechworld is a family-owned business that stands out not just as a supplier but as an innovator.

      We pride ourselves on creating cutting-edge lithium battery products, thanks to our unyielding drive to evolve, adapt, and be the best in the industry.

      You're buying from a company with 4.6/5 star rating from 730+ Google reviews. We pride ourselves on providing good old-fashioned service. Reputation is everything and you can buy with confidence from one of Australia's biggest names in lithium batteries.

      We offer fast shipping when you shop online. Or, why not visit our Perth store at 281 Great Eastern Highway, Burswood, WA 6100?