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      5 products

      Power Up Your Adventures with an iTechworld Battery Box

      When powering your adventures off the beaten track, the right equipment can make all the difference. iTechworld's extensive online range of battery boxes is designed to meet the rugged demands of Australian terrain, providing reliable power for your vehicle, caravan, or campsite setup.

      What is a Battery Box?

      A battery box is a portable powerhouse, a protective shell designed to keep your batteries secure and functioning optimally in any condition. Ideal for 4WD enthusiasts, campers, and caravan owners, a battery box ensures your battery is safeguarded from the elements, accidental spills, and unexpected impacts.

      How Do Battery Boxes Work?

      Imagine needing an extra battery for your trip but having no space under your vehicle's bonnet or seeking a portable power solution that you can take anywhere. This is where an iTechworld battery box comes in. They are a game-changer, offering protection for your battery and vehicle.

      Whether it's guarding against harsh weather or the jostle of travel, our battery boxes handle it all, preventing acid spills and protecting against short circuits that could lead to fires.

      Key Features of Battery Boxes

      A heavy-duty battery box is not just about protection; it's about convenience and efficiency. It can be securely mounted in your car, caravan, or trailer and just as easily removed when you need to free up space or bring power closer to your campsite essentials.

      With features such as cable pass-through lids, pre-wired connections, and plug-and-play setups, an iTechworld portable battery box combines security with simplicity. This takes the stress away when installing a dual battery system.

      If you're interested in a dual battery setup, you might find our blog post on setting up a dual battery system handy.

      Our Flagship Battery Box

      Introducing the GoFurther Battery Box with Integrated iTECHDCDC25 25A DC DC Charger — the crown jewel of iTechworld's lithium battery box lineup.

      iTechworld GoFurther Battery Box with Integrated DCDC Charger

      Its robust polypropylene construction is stronger than steel, ensuring your adventures are powered without worry. With features like quick-charge USB ports, a 175A Anderson connector for inverters, multiple 12V outputs, and solar charging capabilities, this battery box is a versatile power hub for the outdoors.

      The GoFurther Battery Box is pre-wired for hassle-free installation, so you don't need to be an electrical wizard to set it up. It's compatible with various deep cycle battery types including Lithium, Lead-Acid, AGM, Gel, and Calcium, giving you the flexibility to choose your power source.

      With a 50A auto-reset circuit breaker and an LED voltmeter display, you're equipped to handle power surges and monitor your energy reserves with ease. Designed by Australian engineers, the GoFurther Battery Box is built for adventurers who demand quality and reliability.

      The GoFurther is already getting rave reviews - here's a recent, happy customer, Kevin W:

      A customer review of the iTech GoFurther battery box

      Portable Power So You Can Go Further

      Step up your outdoor setup with an iTechworld battery box — your solution for enduring power and unparalleled convenience. Our products are a step above the competition because we understand the landscapes you traverse and the challenges you face. We've poured Aussie innovation and dedication into each box to ensure you have clean, reliable power wherever your journey takes you.

      Don't settle for less. Shop our selection of battery boxes and electrify your next adventure. We've got all the accessories and adaptors you need including Anderson plugs, battery indicators, plug-and-play DCDC wiring kits, solar panels & blankets, and so much more.

      Your journey deserves the power to go further.

      Buy online or speak to our friendly team on 08 9472 7200. If you're in Perth, visit our store at 291 Great Eastern Highway, Burswood, WA, 6100.