Dual Battery Systems



      With a 4WD Dual Battery System

      Upgrade your vehicle's capabilities with a 4WD dual battery system from iTechworld.

      This innovative solution utilises a secondary battery alongside your vehicle's starter battery, providing dedicated power to auxiliary gear and accessories.

      Whether camping, off-roading, overlanding or needing extra power, our dual battery kits will let you Go Further.


      With a lithium dual battery setup

      Ensure your gear never runs out of power and keep your vehicle ready to hit the road with iTechworld Lithium Dual Battery Setups.

      Our cutting-edge deep cycle batteries let you power essential equipment such as portable fridges, lights, and radios while your 4x4 is parked. Say goodbye to worries about drained batteries, and welcome a reliable power source for all your adventures.

      See our blog post on how to set up a lithium dual battery system without confusing cables!

      The perfect battery choice

      Why choose a lithium dual battery system

      Selecting the perfect deep cycle battery is crucial for optimal performance. We have a dual-battery system to suit your specific needs.

      Whether you require deep, cutting-edge, slim-line batteries that can fit behind the seat of a 4x4 or a lithium battery in your canopy, we have you covered.

      Our lithium batteries are renowned for their superior durability, reduced weight, and increased capacity, making them the perfect addition to your four-wheel drive.

      DCDC Charger with iTECH100SX battery bundle

      Ramp up charging speed

      With our speedy DCDC chargers

      Unleash the power of iTechworld's DCDC chargers, featuring dual inputs for solar panels and alternator charging.

      These advanced chargers ensure fast and efficient charging for your dual battery setup. With a solar priority option, you can maximize your use of solar power. Keep your cranking battery at a constant voltage and guarantee a fully charged lithium auxiliary battery.

      Experience optimised battery performance, uninterrupted power, and the convenience of automatic charging without manual adjustments. iTechworld DCDC chargers are the perfect choice for efficient charging, whether relying on solar energy or the vehicle's alternator.

      local support

      Based in Australia

      Should you run into any issues, our Perth-based support team are just one phone call away.

      powering Lachie Gilbert's
      off grid adventures

      Is this the best dual battery system? Survivor Australia and former Bachelor Lachie Gilbert trusts iTechworld to power his adventures. See how he uses iTechworld gear to stay off grid for longer.