I have a 10 on my satellite finder but my TV still says searching for signal.

Make sure there are no obstructions in front of the dish such as branches or fences.
Double check cable connections are fully plugged in.
After 15min with no success press reset on the front of the VAST box. This will restart the search process.



There is no signal / picture on TV but the receiver has a green light.

The TV is on the wrong channel. Find the source menu on your TV and  select the correct input (HDMI or AV). Some TV’s have output and inputs. Make sure your set top box is plugged into the input channel.



My card was activated by VAST and I have activated the card online but the TV still says scrambled channel.

Sometimes the initial activation by VAST has not been done correctly, call VAST registration line to confirm activation.
Or click here



My satellite finder has no power.

Generally, there is a cable problem.
If you are using a wall plate to connect into your caravan or motor home, please plug the 20mtr cable direct into the back of the set top box, bypassing the wall plate.
If this does not work, ensure all cable connections are secure.



My satellite finder has a strong reading but no signal

Most likely locked to the wrong satellite, possibly Optus D1/D2 instead of C1.
Recheck elevation and bearing.
Pan dish to relocate C1 satellite.



I am only receiving ABC & SBS on the VAST system

The VAST registration has possibly been activated as a residential in an area that is not eligible, double check address on VAST’S website to check eligibility.
If you are a traveler, ensure you registered as a traveler with VAST rather than a residential candidate.


My dish tipped over and no longer works.  Have I damaged my dish?

Please check the optimal focal length by following the steps below.
Also check for physical damage and contact us if you require parts.

What is the optimal focal point on my dish?

We have 3 models of Easy Base Dishes.  Identify your model here so that you can measure your focal point.

These are identified by the physical size and print on the face of the dish.

Model 1 (65cm) The distance between the tip of the LNB holder and top of the dish is 60cm.
Model 2 (85cm and face print reads " Satellite TV Anywhere") The distance between the tip of the LNB holder and top of the dish is 74cm.
Model 3 (85cm and face print reads " Satellite TV")The distance between the tip of the LNB holder and top of the dish is 85cm.