Redback RB4 Generator

Where can I get my Redback RB4 serviced?
Most small engine mechanics or lawnmower repair places will be able to do the servicing on the Redback RB4. Please retain all receipts of servicing.

How do I start my Redback RB4 from new?
Please ensure there is 450ML of 10W30 oil in the Redback RB4. All Redback RB4 generators come with no oil in them. There may be some trace oil on the dipstick from when we tested it.
Please refer to quick start guide on page 1 of the Redback RB4 manual to get the Redback RB4 started for the first time.

How do I get my Redback RB4 to power my appliances?
Is there 240v present on the screen? If yes then the Redback RB4 is producing power. Check your extension cables. If no continue to step 2.
Was the load/caravan plugged in before the Redback RB4 was started. If yes please continue to step 3. If no please call 08 9472 7200 for technical assistance.
Turn off Redback RB4.
Re start Redback RB4 without the load/caravan connected.
Wait for 240v to show on the screen.
Connect load/caravan to Redback RB4.

How do I stop my Redback RB4 from running "rough"?
Open the access panel on the back of the Redback RB4. Ensure the white lever is to the right hand side position. If its central or to the left, move it to the right.
Using any fuel other than 95 will cause the Redback RB4 to not run correctly.
The Redback RB4 can run slightly rough for the first 20 hours. After the 20 hour service has been completed you will noticed the Redback RB4 runs a lot smoother and quieter.
Regular professional servicing will ensure the Redback RB4 runs smoothly.

I haven’t used my Redback RB4 in a while and its hard to start.
Ensure clean fresh fuel is being used.
Ensure the key is  set to ON.
Ensure the choke is to the left hand position for starting.
Ensure the fuel tap is to the on position.
Pull the pull rope 5-7 times without using enough pressure to attempt to start the Redback RB4, this will prime the fuel.
Make sure the battery is charged. A 12V battery charger can be used for charging the battery, please remove the battery from the Redback RB4 and charge externally. Alternately the unit can be jump-started from an iTechworld jump starter. Check that the Redback RB4 has enough oil in it. that the engine is completely level when refilling engine oil - do not tilt the engine or you may end up with too much oil in the engine.

How can I measure my Redback RB4's noise level?
DB is measured from 4 directions (front, back, right and left) by a microphone that is placed 10 metres from the Redback RB4. If you wish to attempt to measure the dB level of the Redback RB4 to follow the certified test conditions at the certified distances with a certified and calibrated meter.
What is the difference between KVA and KW?
kVA is known as the ‘apparent power’, while kW refers to the actual, or real power. KW is the amount of power capable of doing work, while only a portion of kVA is available to do work. To convert KVA to KW use the following equation: PF * KVA = KW - 0.8 x 5 kVA = 4 kW.

Is the digital display on my Redback RB4 100% accurate?
Please note that the screen on the Redback Generator has an error factor of + or - 20% therefore it could show the wattage of the device you are running with an error factor of + or – 20%.

What oil do I use in my generator?
We recommend using 10W30 oil

Why does the battery in my Redback RB4 drain when I m not using it?
If you leave the remote switch in the on position the battery will drain.

Why is my generator not producing full power?
Fuel must be 95 octane or full power output may not be achieved.
Servicing must be done by a properly qualified person every 6 months or 100hrs or full power output may not be achieved. Refer to maintenance schedule.
Startup current  depends on the motor its trying to start. The high current that some motors draw when starting causes a voltage dip in the generator. The starting current can be several times the rated full load current. This requires a larger generator. For example, induction type motors (capacitor start/capacitor run) require additional current to start. We recommend you ask the equipment supplier whether the equipment requires an additional start-up current. For example a 600w power saw may require x6 of this power on startup. 6x600= 36000w required. Exceeding the rated power will overload your generator.
Temperature. An increase in temperature will increase the resistance inside the generator and reduce the rated power output.
All generators before leaving the Redback factory are fully tested and comply with all ratings.   
To measure real power the generator needs to be tested at a temperature of 25C with a Certified and calibrated meter.

iTechworld Jump Starters

How many hours will an iTechworld Jump Starter run my fridge for?
An iTechworld Jump Starter can run a fridge for up to 10 hours, the actual time your fridge runs for is dependent on how many amps the fridge draws per hour. Other factors to consider are how full the fridge is, what temperature setting the fridge is on, the ambient temperature and if the fridge was already cold before plugging into the iTechworld jump starter.

Will my iTechworld Jump Starter run a CPAP machine?
Yes, provided the CPAP machine is a 12v direct machine. How long it runs for is dependent on how many amps the CPAP machine draws at 12v.

Can I take my iTechworld Jump Starter on a plane?
The limit for a lithium device on most airlines is 100wh, an iTechworld Jump Starter is 74wh or less. Always check with your airline prior to checking in on their procedures for taking a lithium device on board.


iTECH120 Lithium Battery

Can I damage the iTECH120 battery by over discharging it?
No, the iTECH120 has over discharge protection. Once the iTECH120 reaches 10v it switches off to protect itself.

Can I hook an iTECH120 up in series or parallel?
Yes, the iTECH120 is can be connected in series and parallel up to 4 batteries.

Can I damage the iTECH120 by using a high voltage charger?
No, the iTECH120 has protection which prevents you damaging it with a high voltage charge.

Can I use a non lithium profile charger to charge the iTECH120?
Yes, the iTECH120 battery can accept charge from non lithium profile chargers.

What voltage is considered full on an iTECH120 battery?
13.8v is considered full.

How long will my iTECH120 last?
The iTECH120 can cycle 4-6 times more than what a standard lead acid battery can.

Can the iTECH120 start my vehicle?
No, the iTECH120 is a storage battery only. It has no Cold Cranking Amps.

Is the iTECH120 battery suitable for a marine application?
The iTECH120 is not waterproof. We recommend the iTECH120X.