Inverter Generators

      2 products

      2 products

      Inverter Generators Built Tough for Our Harsh Australian Climate

      A portable inverter generator will make your life easier, whether you're a family on a camping trip, a grey nomad exploring Australia's stunning landscapes or a tradie who needs reliable worksite power.

      Our latest, and most fuel-efficient inverter generators are part of the new Redback RB range:

      1. Redback RB4.5 4.5kVA Portable Inverter Generator
      2. Redback RB3.5 3.5kVA Portable Inverter Generator

      Benefits of an Inverter Generator

      Inverter generators offer a ton of advantages such as:

      • Light-weight, yet durable, noise-reducing case construction: Easily transportable, inverter generators can go anywhere, making them perfect for outdoor activities and remote job sites.
      • Powering sensitive electronics: household appliances and portable equipment like laptops and mobile phones can be recharged without worry thanks to pure sine wave power.
      • Greater fuel efficiency: Because the engine speed adjusts to an optimum level automatically based on the power load, you'll get hours of run time from the small fuel tank, even when running an air conditioner continuously.
      • Emergency power: In electricity outages, power generators are a reliable backup, keeping essential appliances running.
      • Versatility: Different power outputs cater to various needs, from charging your phone to running heavy-duty tools, just like conventional generators.
      • Super quiet operation: Don't annoy other campers and if you're on a worksite, don't upset the neighbours!

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      Why Choose iTechworld?

      iTechworld is a Western Australian family-owned company that leads the way in lithium battery and petrol generator technology through:

      • Innovative Solutions: We're constantly pushing the boundaries to provide efficient and clean power solutions.
      • Quality Assurance: Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability.
      • Australian Expertise: We bring good old-fashioned Aussie innovation to the power generation market by employing experienced locals.

      Pair a portable generator with Australia's toughest lithium battery line-up and never be without power on your next camping trip or job site.

      Please speak to our friendly team about our inverter generator range. Phone 08 9472 7200 or email us, today!