iTECH300P Portable Lithium Power Station 300w 25Ah

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Portable Power Station Lithium 25Ah 300watt With Generator iTECH300P

Family owned and proudly Australian, iTechworld have been applying Australian  innovation to the power generation and storage market for the last 15 years. Our latest and greatest product is the iTECH300P.

Easy to pack and ready to keep you powered. Perfect for short weekend trips and charges up on the go from our iTechworld solar panels. Advanced battery protection and sleek design make for a light weight, big power solution. With lithium packs and increased shelf life means you are ready for any type of project.

Powerful AC, USB, USB QC 3.0 , USB Type C (60W), DC 12V Outputs, DC 12V car out -Whether you're looking to keep phones and tablets charged up, or running lights camera equipment or even a CPAP machine. The iTECH300P Lithium features a variety of outputs, including a pure-sine AC inverter to ensure you have power when you need it. 

Super Safe - The iTECH300P features the safest lithium technologies available. Over charge protection,
Over discharge protection,
Over current protection,
Overload protection,
Short circuit protection,
Over temperature protection.

Exclusive, Lithium Pack - Lightweight lithium batteries yield long runtimes and extended shelf-life. High quality cells feature additional monitoring electronics for the highest management and safety.

Informative Display - Get real-time usage data at a quick glance. The digital display features battery capacity, DC output, USB output, AC output, Temperature and error reporting.

Easily Rechargeable - Keep your iTECH300P lithium powered up from the wall, car or the sun (solar panels sold separately). The iTECH300P has the ability to charge and discharge at the same time, ensuring you have power when you need it.

Specifications -

Statutory warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.


Wall adapter  5-6hrs Max power in 65-70W
Car adapter   7-8hrs Max power in 50W 
70W solar      5-6hrs Max power in 65-70W 
USBC PD       Max power in 60W

Cell chemistry:              Lithium ion NMC
Peak capacity:              25Ah
Life cycles:                    500 Cycles to 80% 
Shelf life:                       charge every 3 months.
Management system:   MPPT charge controller, low battery protection over temperature protection.

Port Type Output
USB                 2x 5V 3.1A
USB QC           1x Quick Charge 3.0 18W
USB C PD        1x 60W max
DC 5.5mm        2x 12V/5A (60W max)
DC                    Regulated 12V Car Output 10A (120W max)
AC                    240V   300W Pure sine

Linkable           No
Weight              3.3kg
Dimensions      240 x 142 x 154mm (LxWxH)  
Working temp   -10 to 40 C

During development we aimed to make the iTECH300P lithium power station the safest portable lithium power station in the world today. The battery management system provides over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection.

To back up the safety of the iTECH300P, iTechworld have taken out 10 million dollars worth of insurance cover. On top of that you get a full 12 month warranty.

The iTECH300P has a powerful Lithium-ion NCM battery. That stores 25Ah which makes it a handy backup power storage device. The iTECH300P also allows you to run your 12v fridge, 12v TV, Fan, 12v LED lights directly from the device and at the same time, you can also charge your phone, tablet, camera or even charge some laptops. 240V power is also available up to 300W. 

In real world terms, this means you can plug your small 12v fridge directly into the iTECH300P and run it for up to 24 hours before any recharge is required. (Assuming you are drawing 1amp/hr) You could also use the iTECH300P to run a 12v sleep apnea CPAP machine. Now that’s some serious power from a product that is so compact, lightweight and easy to store.

The iTECH300P can hold its charge for up to 6 months, meaning it can sit idle ready for action. By using the battery level indicator button, you can quickly see from the LCD display if it needs to be recharged. You can easily recharge the iTECH300P on 12v with a 12v adapter included in the kit or 240v wall charger also included in the kit. 

This device is a must have for any camping trip or just as a backup at home or on the road.

To charge the iTECH300P via solar you need to bypass any solar regulator on the solar panel and use this adapter HERE


1 x ITECH300P 25Ah Lithium Portable Power Station.
1 x Wall charger.
1 x 12V car charger.
1 x User manual, the digital version can be found HERE.

Max solar input 26v open circuit