Slimline Battery Kit

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As part of our esteemed Dual Battery Kit Collection, the iTechworld Slimline Battery Kit offers a cutting-edge selection of components tailored to excel in tight spaces. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, this bundle ensures a seamless power experience for your canopy, van, 4WD, or any adventure vehicle.

Powerful Choices:

Customize your power setup with a choice between two exceptional Lithium batteries:

  • iTECH100SX (100Ah) Lithium Battery: With its IP67 rating and 5-year warranty, this slimline powerhouse is perfect for compact installations. The iTECH100SX boasts a versatile design, delivering reliable power in even the tightest spaces.

  • iTECH200SS (200Ah) Lithium Battery: Featuring the same IP67 rating and 5-year warranty, the iTECH200SS takes capacity to the next level. Despite its impressive power, the slimline construction ensures easy installation in cramped locations.

Secure Mounting:

We have thought of everything with our Slimline Battery Kit, and when you select the iTECH100SX, we provide a battery tray. This sturdy tray keeps your battery secure, preventing unnecessary movement or damage during adventurous journeys.

For the iTECH200SS, we provide convenient mounting brackets pre-attached to the battery, simplifying the installation process and ensuring a steadfast connection in your setup.

Efficient Charging:

Charging plays a pivotal role in every battery system, and at iTechworld, we understand the importance of providing reliable options to ensure a seamless power supply. We offer two unique charging solutions designed to meet your needs:

  • Control Hub with integrated iTECHDCDC40 - 40 Amps Per Hour: Our Control Hub with integrated iTECHDCDC40 offers a robust charging capacity of 40 Amps Per Hour, making it an ideal choice for your dual battery setup. It efficiently charges your batteries and provides additional functionality as a centralised control centre for various 12v appliances connected to your power system. With the Control Hub, you can easily manage and monitor your power usage, optimising the performance of your entire setup.
  • iTECHDCCD40 - 40 Amps Per Hour: For a straightforward and reliable charging option, our iTECHDCCD40 delivers a consistent 40 Amps Per Hour charge to your dual battery system. This option ensures efficient power delivery and keeps your batteries charged and ready for use.

Both options are designed to meet the demands of your battery setup, ensuring efficient charging at a rate of 40 Amps Per Hour. Whether you choose the Control Hub for added functionality or the iTECHDCCD40 for straightforward charging, you can count on iTechworld to provide reliable and efficient charging solutions for your power needs.

Harness Solar Power:

You can harness the power of the sun by utilising solar input. Our high-efficiency solar blankets provide a versatile, lightweight, eco-friendly solution for your power needs. Choose from two options:

  • 200 Watt Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin - Up to 10.6 amps per hour: This solar blanket delivers an impressive 200 watts of solar power, generating up to 10.6 amps per hour. Its innovative Raptor Skin coating offers enhanced durability and performance by keeping the panels cool, ensuring optimal solar energy conversion.

  • 300 Watt Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin - Up to 16 amps per hour: Our 300-watt solar blanket is a powerful choice for even higher solar power output. It can generate up to 16 amps per hour, providing ample energy to charge your iTECH100SS efficiently. Like its counterpart, the Raptor Skin coating ensures maximum efficiency and longevity.

Embrace the power of sustainable energy with our solar blankets, enabling you to venture further and stay powered for extended periods.

A Unique Power Solution:

Stand out from the crowd with the iTechworld Slimline Battery Kit. With its slimline construction and powerful lithium batteries, this bundle is designed to thrive in tight spaces. Experience unparalleled power and convenience, even in the most challenging installations.

Discover the freedom to roam, explore, and conquer with confidence. Choose innovation, choose iTechworld, and let the "Slimline Battery Kit" be your ultimate dual battery solution!