iTechworld Battery Box 12v - Camping Portable Deep Cycle Lithium ion LiFePO4 AGM USBs + Car Port, Meter On Off Switch

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Battery Box 12v Camping Portable Deep Cycle Universal, Anderson, USB, Car Charge Port Adapters, Digital Meter, Isolation Switch. 

Turn your battery into a user friendly portable power station.


Have 12V battery will travel. With the iTechworld Battery Box, you can turn your deep cycle or lithium battery into a power station. The box can easily fit any deep cycle battery that measures 35cm x 18cm x 23cm  or smaller and turn it into a portable power station. You can power up a lots of devices including 12v camping lights, 12v portable fridges or any other 12v device from it's cigarette lighter socket and mobile phones or tablets with the two USB ports. The box itself can be charged using solar panels or any power source via its fast connect Anderson plugs fitted with an 30amp inline blade fuse. So you can put in up to a maximum of 25 amps via the Anderson connectors.  The box is pre-wired, just connect your battery terminals and it's good to go. The box is strong and solid with a built-in voltage indicator,  on off switch and circuit breaker for ultra safe use.

Please refer to the dimensions of the battery box and check to see if it will fit your deep cycle battery before making your purchase.

Sturdy plastic case
2x Anderson connectors with 30A fuse
2x USB ports
External battery terminals
Digital voltage indicator
Isolation switch
10Amp reset-able circuit breaker
Tie down strap
Lifting handles fitted to ensure a secure hold when moving
Fits any battery of 35cm x 18cm x 23cm or smaller 
External dimensions 280mm H x 265mm W x 440mm L

1x iTechworld 12V Battery Box 

The statutory warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase.