Redback RB4.5 4500W 4.5KVA EFI Portable Inverter Generator

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Redback RB4.5 4500W 4.5KVA EFI Portable Petrol Inverter Generator: Your Ultimate Power Companion on the Road

Embark on your caravan adventures with the unparalleled power of the all-new Redback 4.5KVA Electronically Fuel Injected (EFI) Petrol Inverter Generator. The RB4.5, a marvel of modern engineering, is designed to effortlessly power your entire caravan including any caravan air conditioner, ensuring your comfort no matter where you travel, and with minimal fuel consumption.

Say goodbye to the limitations of caravan parks and embrace the freedom of the open Australian outback with the all-new RB4.5.

Why Choose the iTECHRB4.5? 

  • Australian Owned and Operated: iTechworld has been at the forefront of innovative power solutions since 2006. The RB4.5 results from years of innovation in the Redback generator range, setting new industry standards.
  • All-Around Efficiency: With a 5.5L fuel tank offering over 6 hours of run time, and a 4-stroke engine fuelled through an advanced EFI system for unmatched efficiency, the RB4.5 balances power with sustainability. This generator complies with all Australian EPA emission controls.
  • Quiet Yet Powerful: The RB4.5 isn't just about power; it's about improving your travel experience. Its quiet operation (54-59dB @ 7m) ensures tranquillity in your adventures.
  • Freedom to Explore: Say goodbye to the limitations of caravan parks. With the RB4.5, off-grid adventures with all your home comforts are now a reality.

Your Adventure Awaits! The iTechworld 4.5KVA Redback Generator is more than just a power source; it's a commitment to freedom and comfort on your journeys.

Designed and developed In Australia for the rugged Australian outback, its weathered to withstand the harshest conditions. Get your iTECHRB4.5 today and transform your travel experience! 


  • Effortless Operation: With its state-of-the-art remote and push start, firing up the RB4.5 is a breeze. Gone are the days of struggling with pull starts; now, a simple button press brings your generator to life. Simply plug in your appliances and you're away.
  • Lightest in Class: Experience the convenience of Australia's lightest and most advanced 4.5KVA generator. Its record-breaking 27.5 kg weight sets a new standard in portable generators.
  • Unmatched Output: With the power to run all appliances simultaneously* including any caravan air conditioner, the RB4.5 ensures your travels are comfortable, no matter the destination. Boasting a 4500-watt peak and 3500-watt constant output and multiple power outlets, the RB4.5 is unrivalled in the portable power industry.
  • Advanced Technology: Boasting an industry-leading Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for optimal fuel efficiency, eco-friendliness and improved performance. Not to mention the equipped lithium battery for weight savings and longevity.
  • Pure Sine Wave Technology: Delivering pure sine wave output from an electric start button, the fuel-efficient Redback generator ensures clean, stable power, ideal for sensitive electronic equipment and accessories like coffee machines, TVs, laptops, and mobile phones.
  • Travel-Ready Design for Easy Transportation: Equipped with a built-in trolley and off road wheels, the RB4.5 is ready for any terrain, making it the perfect travel companion.

*All camping accessories and household appliances can run off the RB4.5 at the same time constantly if they draw a maximum of 3500 watts.

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  • Max Output: 4.5kW 
  • Continuous Output: 3.5kW 
  • 2 x 15A 240V outlets, USB outlets 
  • Digital informative display   
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) 
  • Starting Mode: Push / remote start or recoil 
  • Fuel Type: 95+ RON  
  • Oil Type: SAE 10W30  
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.5L 
  • IP54 rating, ensuring durability in all conditions 
  • Dimensions: 530 x 310 x 500 mm (LxWxH) 
  • Weight: 27.5kg  

1 x iTechworld Redback 4.5KVA Portable Inverter Generator

1 x Programmed Stop/Start Remote

1 x 12V DC Battery Charger

1 x Spark Plug

1 x  Internal lithium battery charger

1 x Maintenance schedule and log book

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Oil Refilling Hose

1 x Air Cleaner Filter

1 x Instruction manual, the digital version is found HERE