12.28 KWH Off Grid System Pro

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Discover the freedom of off-grid living with iTechworld.

Our advanced lithium batteries and solar panel systems are designed to empower you with sustainable, reliable energy, wherever you choose to set up camp. Embrace the future of energy independence and harness the power of the sun with the 12.28KWH Off Grid System Pro from iTechworld.

Looking for something slightly different? Our team of power experts are able to put together your dream 12v build to best suit your power needs and budget. Call us to build a custom kit : 1300 483 249

In this iTechworld 12.28 KWH Off Grid System Elite kit you will receive:

• 4x iTECH240X PRO Lithium Batteries

• 1x iTECHBM500 battery monitor with shunt 

• 1x iTechworld 3000w pure sine wave inverter with ATS and RCD

• 1x RC2 Inverter Remote Switch 

• 1x iTechworld 450A Maxi Fuse with Fuse Holder 

OPTIONAL: 42v Solar Panels  and 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller