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iTECH100SS (Bluetooth) Behind the Seat Kit

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Take complete control of your 12V power system with the iTECH100SS Behind The Seat Kit. Designed by our expert engineers, this revolutionary kit features an advanced lithium battery that enhances your power experience in your canopy, van, 4WD, caravan, or any adventure vehicle. Seamlessly integrated with solar charging capabilities and a high-performance DCDC charger, this kit delivers unmatched convenience, reliability, and sustainability for all your journeys.


Super Slim Battery

Looking for a slim battery that can fit into tight spaces in your 4WD vehicle? The iTECH100SS is only 55mm wide, making it perfect for those who need a dual battery system but are limited with space. This impressive battery can even be mounted behind the seat for added convenience.

Efficient Charging

  • iTECHDCCD40 - 40 Amps Per Hour: For a straightforward and reliable charging option, our iTECHDCCD40 delivers a consistent 40 Amps Per Hour charge to your dual battery system. This option ensures efficient power delivery and keeps your batteries charged and ready for use.

The iTECH100SS (New 2025 Model) 100Ah 12v Super Slim Deep Cycle Lithium Battery with Bluetooth

Built to Last

With the iTECH100SS Behind the Seat Kit, we have prioritised durability and longevity, ensuring it stands the test of time and maintains top-notch performance. This kit is thoughtfully designed to offer flexibility and convenience to create a streamlined and sleek installation for your power system.

The robust construction of the iTECH100SS Behind the Seat Kit ensures it can withstand the rigours of your journeys and outdoor adventures. It is engineered with premium materials and craftsmanship to remain reliable and resilient, even in demanding conditions.

Not only is this kit built to last, but it also offers versatility in its installation options. The compact and space-saving design allows you to place it behind the seat, optimising your vehicle's interior and keeping your power solution neatly tucked away.

Experience the Power

Equip your camper or 4WD with the iTechworld iTECH100SS Behind The Seat Kit and elevate your outdoor adventures with unmatched power and convenience. Embrace the freedom to roam, explore, and conquer confidently, knowing you have a reliable, efficient, and sustainable power solution at your fingertips.

Power your journey with iTechworld, where innovation meets adventure. Let the iTechworld iTECH100SS Behind The Seat Kit be your ultimate power solution!