iTechworld 12V Mini Control Box

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Control your 12v system with ease 

Embrace the great outdoors with the ultimate 12V Mini Control Box , designed for adventure enthusiasts who love caravanning, camping, 4WDing, and exploring the outback. The compact size is ideal for portability, providing exactly what you require to power all your small appliances. 

Plug and Play Design

The iTechworld 12V Mini Control Box is effortlessly powered by a battery through a 50A Anderson plug.

Optional 50 Amp Anderson to Eyelets adapter will allow you to seamlessly connect the iTechworld 12V Mini Control Box to a battery if an Anderson connection is not available. 

Mini Control Box Dimensions

Length: 233mm
Width: 100mm

Height: 60mm

Weight: 0.85kg

Power up to 11 appliances simultaneously

Our expert engineers have handpicked the essentials for your 12V system, making the iTechworld Mini Control Box perfect for setting up your canopy, van, 4WD, caravan or anything in between. Utilising the highest quality outputs including, 6 USB Ports, 3 12V Cig Sockets and 2 Anderson-style input/outputs. Power a variety of appliances including smartphones, tablets, 12V fridges, lights, drones, TVs, heated blankets, fans, projectors, and more!

Engineered for Robustness

At iTechworld, we prioritise exceptional quality in our products. The iTechworld Mini Control Box features pre-wired internal cables, enhanced to create a fully fused and vibration-resistant system. With the use of thick cabling, the mini control box ensures a steadfast connection between your battery and accessories, delivering dependable power wherever your adventures take you.

Effortless Accessibility

Our iTechworld Mini Control Box is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring an internal fuse that is easily accessible for hassle-free fuse replacement. 

Effortless Mounting

Pre-designed holes and integrated brackets make it easy to install the iTechworld Mini Control Box.

Sleek Design 

The iTechworld Mini Control Box's matte black, ABS plastic design not only looks great but is built to withstand your rugged adventures.

Equip your caravan, camper, or 4WD with the iTechworld Mini Control Box and experience unparalleled power and convenience on your next outdoor adventure!

Internal Protection

The iTechworld Mini Control Box is equipped with a 50A automatically resettable circuit breaker, it also includes a seperate 30A fuse designed specifically for the female cigarette sockets.

Download the user guide HERE

The warranty on the iTechworld Mini Control Box is 12 months from the date of purchase.