15Amp Caravan Extension Lead 10M 240V Extra Heavy Duty Redback

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Redback Extra Heavy Duty Extension Lead 10M  15Amp 240V

A must have for all caravan, generator owners and high power applications
To gain peak transfer power from your inverter generator to your caravan or motorhome, it requires an extra heavy duty extension cable.  A genuine Redback extra heavy duty extension lead will help you get the most from your inverter generator. Heavier gauge construction to reduce voltage drop.



+Full compliance and a
pproved to Australian Standards. 
+High Quality, Durable Cable & Connections For Caravan, Commercial And Industrial Uses
+Wide blade earth terminal for 15A outlets
+Extra heavy duty PVC
+15Amp plug and socket
+15Amp cable 3x 1.5mm flexible designed to withstand the most rugged applications
+Length 10 meters
+Weight 1.5kg


    + Redback Extra Heavy Duty Extension Lead