10 Amp MPPT Solar Regulator Charge Controller

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10 Amp MPPT Solar Regulator Charge Controller iTechworld with lithium charging profile.

The iTechworld 10 Amp MPPT Solar Regulator Charge Controller is designed to enhance any solar and battery combination, it works especially well with the iTECH120 lithium battery and iTechworld solar panels. This controller and its charging algorithm is patented by iTechworld. Thanks to the innovative technology in the iTechworld 10 Amp MPPT Solar Regulator Charge Controller, you can access the maximum power point of your solar panel which will significantly improve your system. The iTechworld 10 Amp MPPT Solar Regulator Charge Controller has one USB port for charging mobile devices. Suitable for indoor use only.


  • Advanced MPPT technology with efficiency of 99.5%.
  • Maximum conversion efficiency 97%.
  • Rapid maximum power point tracking.
  • Accurate identification and tracking of the multi-wave peak of the maximum power point.
  • Constant and reliable maximum input power of the solar panel to ensure safety when charging.
  • Wide solar panel operating voltage up to 100v.
  • Lithium and AGM charging 
  • USB port.
  • Will enable you to monitor your solar panel power conversion, power storage and use of your solar power supplies.
  • Installation of the control panel is made easy with step by step instructions.
  • MPPT charging.
  • Adjustable charging & discharging control parameters.
  • Overloading & short-circuit protection.
  • Battery reversed discharge protection.
  • Protection for battery back discharging.
  • Protection for battery low voltage.
  • Accurate identification and tracking of the maximum power point of multi wave peak
  • Reliable maximum input power from solar panel.
  • Battery temperature compensation.
  • The statutory warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.


NOTE: All wiring from solar panels, battery and load must be directly connected to the MPPT solar controller. Do not use common earth i.e. the chassis. If you do not wire your MPPT controller this way your controller will not function correctly and could damage your battery/batteries and load.

  • 12v / 24v auto detect
  • Multiple charging profiles including lithium
  • Overload & short circuit protection
  • Reversed polarity protection
  • Rated Current : 10A
  • Low Voltage Disconnection Adjustable
  • Low Voltage Reconnected  Adjustable
  • Delayed auto restart after overloading protection
  • Protection for battery back discharging
  • Dimensions: 131 x 99.5 x 29.5 mm 
  • International safety standard compliant: CE & RoHS Certification
  • Weight : 300g


1x iTechworld 10 Amp MPPT solar charge controller