iTechworld 20A 12/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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iTechworld 20Amp MPPT Solar Regulator Charge Controller with lithium charge profile. 

The iTechworld 20 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Regulator is purpose-built to boost any solar and battery combo, excelling particularly with iTechworld lithium batteries and solar panels. With a tracking efficiency that reaches up to 99.5%, this 20A MPPT regulator ensures you're getting top-notch solar charging, channelling more energy into your battery bank.

Conceived and crafted in Australia, this iTechworld 20A MPPT regulator is ruggedly constructed to meet the demanding conditions of the Australian environment. Featuring a unique, Australian-specific charging algorithm patented by iTechworld, this device allows you to harness the full potential of your solar panels.

Equipped with a high-grade LCD display, the iTechworld 20 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Regulator dynamically presents real-time operational stats and the unit's current performance status.


  • Advanced Maximum Power Tracking (MPPT) technology, with efficiency of 99.5%
  • Maximum conversion efficiency of 99.5%
  • 30% more power than PWM regulators.
  • Rapid maximum power point tracking.
  • Automatic voltage identification (12V or 24V)
  • Suitable for charging most common types of automotive or recreational 12-volt batteries such as Gel, Sealed Lead Acid, Flooded Lead Acid, Lithium LiFePO4 and Li (NiMnCo)O2(Li-po/NMC) Chemistry 12-volt Lithium batteries containing a BMS.
  • 20A MPPT Solar Regulator
  • Wide solar panel operating voltage up to 60V DC.
  • An intelligent control point for your solar panel system. With an intuitive LCD, you are in control of your solar panel system.
  • Power statistics recording functionality, the controller will log the power put into the battery.
  • Using the buttons, you can program the controller to your preferences and monitor your solar system in real-time.
  • Easy-to-read display icons and indicators will tell you the operating status of your solar panels.
  • Aluminium housing for rapid cooling 


1x iTechworld 20 Amp MPPT solar charge controller

1x Instruction manual HERE


  • 12v / 24v auto detect
  • 260W Max solar PV input for 12v Battery (solar panel 18v)
  • 520W Max solar PV input for 24v battery (solar panel 36v)
  • Battery voltage range 8v-32v
  • Maximum open voltage of solar panel 60v
  • Multiple charging profiles including: Sealed Lead Acid, Flooded Lead Acid, Gel, LiFePO4 (iTECH120X), LiNiMnCoO2 (LiPO)
  • Rated Current: 20A
  • Overload & short-circuit protection
  • Reversed polarity protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Delayed auto restart after overloading protection
  • Protection for battery back discharging
  • Installation Cable area: 10 mm²/6AWG
  • Dimensions: 175 x 120 x 47mm  (HxWxD)
  • International safety standard compliant: CE & RoHS Certification
  • Weight: 0.59kg