1000W Inverter + FREE RC1 Intelligent On/Off Remote Control

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iTechworld 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter, convert your batteries 12V to 240V power.

Product Details:

The iTechworld 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces a pure sine wave output, essential for powering your 240 volt equipment while on the road.

With an iTechworld 1000W Pure Sine Wave inverter, it is now possible to bring your house appliances anywhere in Australia and get the type of 240V power you get at home. Efficiently power 240v devices such as fridges, camera gear, CPAP machines, TVs and much more.

The iTechworld 1000W inverter features various levels of protection, including overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection and a load controlled cooling fan, which is engaged when power consumption reaches a specific level.

Utilising the Australian standard 240v 3-pin 240v outlet, you can safely and easily run high draw appliances on the go.  

As an addition to the iTechworld 1000w inverter, we are adding a free RC1 Intelligent On/Off Remote Control. The iTechworld remote can control (on/off) and monitor your battery system and inverter. For more information, follow the link HERE.


  • 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • 1 x 240V 10A Powerpoints
  • 1 x USB Port
  • Low Voltage Input Protection 10VDC ± 0.5VDC
  • High Voltage Input Protection 16VDC ± 0.5VDC
  • Thermal Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Output Overloading Protection
  • Maximum Continuous Power: 1000w
  • Peak Power: 2000w
  • Maximum Efficiency: >96%
  • Output Voltage (AC): 240V
  • Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
  • Socket Type: Australian Standard
  • Frequency: 50Hz±1
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Dimension: 310x150x70mm (LxWxH) 

Statutory warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.

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Statutory warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.

Download the user manual HERE