4WD 12v System

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The iTechworld 4WD 12V System is the ultimate power solution for off-road adventures. Designed to meet the demands of 4WD enthusiasts, this bundle offers exceptional flexibility and high-performance components to keep you powered up wherever your journey takes you.

Customise Your Power

Experience the freedom to choose from our premium lithium battery options, ensuring a perfect fit for your power requirements:

  • 2x iTECH120X (210Ah) - A compact battery system with abundant power to easily tackle your adventures.

  • 2x iTECH120X PRO (240Ah) - Strike the ideal balance between size and capacity, providing sustained power for extended journeys.

  • 1x iTECH240X PRO (240Ah) - Embrace the convenience of a single battery that offers ample power while taking up minimal space, a seamless solution without any compromise in performance.

Efficient Charging Options

Charging plays a pivotal role in every battery system, and at iTechworld, we understand the importance of providing reliable options to ensure a seamless power supply. We offer two unique charging solutions designed to meet your needs:

  • Control Hub with integrated iTECHDCDC40 - 40 Amps Per Hour: Our Control Hub with integrated iTECHDCDC40 offers a robust charging capacity of 40 Amps Per Hour, making it an ideal choice for your dual battery setup. It efficiently charges your batteries and provides additional functionality as a centralised control centre for various 12v appliances connected to your power system. With the Control Hub, you can easily manage and monitor your power usage, optimising the performance of your entire setup.
  • iTECHDCCD40 - 40 Amps Per Hour: For a straightforward and reliable charging option, our iTECHDCCD40 delivers a consistent 40 Amps Per Hour charge to your dual battery system. This option ensures efficient power delivery and keeps your batteries charged and ready for use.

Both options are designed to meet the demands of your battery setup, ensuring efficient charging at a rate of 40 Amps Per Hour. Whether you choose the Control Hub for added functionality or the iTECHDCCD40 for straightforward charging, you can count on iTechworld to provide reliable and efficient charging solutions for your power needs.

Harness Solar Power

Maximize the abundant solar energy with our flexible solar panel options tailored to your preferences:

  • 2x 150W Solar Panels with Mounting Brackets: Upgrade to a permanent solar setup with our 2x 150W solar panels and accompanying mounting brackets. This option allows you to harness the sun's energy effectively, ensuring a continuous power supply to keep your batteries and your adventures going. The panels' robust design and secure mounting brackets provide a reliable solution for capturing sunlight and converting it into usable energy, empowering you to roam freely without worrying about battery depletion.

  • No Solar: If you prefer alternative charging methods or already possess an existing solar setup, the "No Solar" option is perfect for you. Whether you rely on other charging sources or have installed solar panels elsewhere, this choice allows you to customize your power system according to your specific needs.

Complete Power Package

The 4WD 12V System includes essential components to form a complete power system:

  • Plug & Play DCDC Wiring Kit - Connect your cranking battery to the iTECHDCDC40 or the Control Hub with an integrated iTECHDCDC40 charger for seamless power management.

  • 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Power 240V appliances like coffee machines, microwaves, toasters, and more with ease.

  • 250Amp Maxi Fuse - Safeguard your system with a high-quality fuse on the inverter's positive line.

  • iTECHBM500 Battery Monitor - Stay informed about your battery's performance with real-time data on amps, SOC (State of Charge), and voltage.

Unleash Your 4WD Adventure

Equip your 4WD with the versatile and powerful iTechworld 4WD 12V System, the ultimate power solution designed to cater to all your needs. With a range of battery and charging options, solar compatibility, and top-tier components, you can stay self-sufficient and go on longer, uninterrupted trips. Trust in the reliability and performance of iTechworld power solutions as you conquer new terrains and create unforgettable memories. Let the 4WD 12V System be your dependable and versatile companion on every thrilling journey, no matter your adventure style.