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Experience unparalleled control over your 12V power system with the iTechworld Control Hub Kit. Our expert engineers have meticulously designed this revolutionary system with a state-of-the-art Control Hub, enhancing your power experience in your canopy, van, 4WD, caravan, or any adventure vehicle. The system features a high-performance DCDC charger and seamless integration of solar charging capabilities, ensuring unmatched convenience, reliability, and sustainability on all your journeys.

Powerful Choices:

Customise your system to suit your power needs and adventure style. Choose from three premium lithium battery options:

  • iTECH120X (105Ah) - Compact and powerful for moderate power requirements.

  • iTECH120X PRO (120Ah) - Optimal balance between size and capacity for extended adventures.

  • iTECH240X PRO (240Ah) - Double the capacity for heavy-duty power demands, perfect for long expeditions.

Efficient Charging:

Tailor your charging experience to your needs with the iTECHDCDC25 and iTECHDCDC40 charger options integrated into the Control Hub, designed to deliver excellent performance for the iTECH120X battery.

  • iTECHDCDC25 - 25 Amps Per Hour: Choose the iTECHDCDC25 for a reliable charging rate of up to 25 amps per hour.

  • iTECHDCDC40 - 40 Amps Per Hour: The iTECHDCDC40 is the perfect choice for rapid charging capability. Offering an impressive 40 amps per hour, this charger ensures your battery is ready for action in no time.

Whether you prioritise steady and reliable charging with the iTECHDCDC25 or opt for the rapid charging prowess of the iTECHDCDC40, you can count on iTechworld to provide the perfect solution for your power needs. With both options designed to deliver excellent performance, you can confidently rely on your battery to power your adventures.

User-Friendly Control Hub:
The Control Hub is the central nervous system of your power setup, boasting a range of essential inputs and outputs. With 12v sockets, USB ports, illuminated Rocker switches and Anderson plug connections, the Control Hub becomes your system's heartbeat, enabling seamless integration and reliable power distribution to all your devices and accessories. The Control Hub is pre-equipped with designated replaceable fuses, ensuring maximum battery protection and consistent, top-notch performance.

Harness Solar Power:

You can harness the power of the sun by utilising solar input. Our high-efficiency solar blankets provide a versatile, lightweight, eco-friendly solution for your power needs. Choose from two options:

  • 200 Watt Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin - Up to 10.6 amps per hour: This solar blanket delivers an impressive 200 watts of solar power, generating up to 10.6 amps per hour. Its innovative Raptor Skin coating offers enhanced durability and performance by keeping the panels cool, ensuring optimal solar energy conversion.

  • 300 Watt Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin - Up to 16 amps per hour: Our 300-watt solar blanket is a powerful choice for even higher solar power output. It can generate up to 16 amps per hour, providing ample energy to charge your iTECH100SS efficiently. Like its counterpart, the Raptor Skin coating ensures maximum efficiency and longevity.

Embrace the power of sustainable energy with our solar blankets, enabling you to venture further and stay powered for extended periods.

Built to Last:

The iTechworld Control Hub kit is designed to be sturdy and durable. It includes pre-wired internal cables that are fully fused and resistant to vibrations. The thick cabling ensures that your battery and accessories stay connected, providing reliable power no matter where your adventures take you.


The batteries and DCDC charger are equipped with an IP67 waterproof rating, which means they are resistant to water and dust ingress. This feature ensures their sustained performance and longevity even in harsh environmental conditions.

Fuse Accessibility Made Easy:

Enjoy quick and hassle-free fuse replacement with the 6-way external fuse panel, equipped with LED indicators for instant fault detection. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time exploring the great outdoors.

Smart Battery Protection:

Our Control Hub includes a built-in audible low-voltage alarm, safeguarding your battery from draining below 11V. The dedicated on/off switch allows you to mute the alarm when needed, ensuring your battery remains protected and ready for action.

Sleek Design and Flexible Mounting:

The Control Hub system is designed with both style and durability; the matte black, powder-coated aluminium Control Hub will withstand rugged adventures, while the four pre-drilled holes and four cable entry points offer flexible mounting options to suit your specific setup.

Experience the Power:

Equip your camper or fourby with the iTechworld Lithium Dual Battery System and Control Hub, and elevate your outdoor adventures with unmatched power and convenience. Embrace the freedom to roam, explore, and conquer confidently, knowing you have a reliable, efficient, and sustainable power solution at your fingertips.

Power your journey with iTechworld, where innovation meets adventure. Let the iTechworld Lithium Dual Battery System be your ultimate power solution!

Call us to build a custom kit: 1300 483 249

Our power experts can assemble your dream 12v build to best suit your power needs and budget.

Create the perfect dual battery system in your vehicle, caravan or campervan.

Choose your Control Hub Kit setup to have a complete dual battery system with or without solar.

If you want something more custom, please contact us at 1300 483 249 to speak to a Power Expert about creating your customised bundle today.



Package Contents:

Battery: iTECH120X or iTECH120X PRO or iTECH240X PRO.
Control Hub with DCDC charger: iTECHDCDC40 (40 Amp) or iTECHDCDC25 (25 Amp).
Solar Blanket: No Solar Blanket or 200 Watt Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin or 300 Watt Solar Blanket with Raptor Skin.
Plug and Play DCDC wiring kit.
Control Hub 6AWG connection cable.