iTECH120X PRO 120Ah Lithium Battery

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Quick facts about the iTECH120X PRO:

  • True drop-in replacement - no need to change chargers or equipment
  • Rated for under-bonnet use
  • IP67 Waterproof - perfect for external mounting
  • 12.5 kgs (59% lighter than an equivalent AGM battery)
  • 100% usable capacity
  • 5 year Australian warranty 
  • Australian designed and developed
  • Australian certified including IEC:62619

The all-new iTECH120X PRO 120Ah Lithium Battery is the result of years of design and development. Featuring a 100% useable capacity, the iTECH120X PRO is the big brother of the ever-popular iTECH120X Lithium Battery but with more useable power!

Like the iTECH120X, the new iTECH120X is a true drop-in replacement for your existing system. No changing of systems, chargers or equipment is required in most cases. Simply pull out your old AGM or lead-acid batteries and drop in the iTECH120X PRO. It's really that simple!

The iTECH120X PRO features a fully 100% useable capacity, allowing the full 120Ah to be drawn from the iTECH120X PRO. Our redesign of the new iTECH120X PRO includes an all-new patent pending prismatic cell type completely different from the one used in the iTECH120X, as well as an all-new supercharged BMS allowing for less cell degradation and a longer lifespan with high current use.

Built for the tough Australian environment, the iTECH120X PRO is IP67 Waterproof rated, allowing for the battery to be submerged under 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes - perfect for marine applications or outside caravan storage boxes. The iTECH120X PRO utilises the latest prismatic cell design offering more vibration resistance and stability for big bumps with vibration-dampening technology; the iTECH120X PRO is also suitable for under-bonnet applications.

After over 10 years of extensive design, development and testing we are proud to call the 2023 iTECH120X PRO our new flagship battery holding an extensive 5-year Australian Warranty. 


  • 1x iTECH120X PRO 120Ah 12V Lithium Battery
  • 1x Instruction Manual (Digital version HERE)


The iTECH120X PRO warranty is 5 years (3 years full replacement 2 years pro-rata). This warranty includes under bonnet use. 

When mounting your iTECH120X PRO under bonnet it is recommended to use a heat shield. 

*Storage deep cycle battery only. It cannot be used as a cranking battery.

If your iTechworld battery enters safe mode, please follow the instructions HERE


Nominal Voltage:  12.8V
C20 Rating usable amps 10v: 120Ah
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Optimum Temperature Range: +5 to +60°C
BMS Operational Temperature Range: -5 to 80°C
Safety Protection Isolator: 80°C
Recommended Charge Current: 1 - 60A
Maximum Charge Current: 100A 
Recommended Charge Voltage: 14.4V
BMS Charge Cut Off Voltage: 15V
BMS Low Voltage Cut Off: 8.5 - 9V
Continuous Discharge: 150A (175A 5 mins)
Peak Discharge: 270A 5 secs
Series Connection: Up to 48V (4 x batteries)
Parallel Connection: Unlimited
Life Cycles 100%: 4000
Life Cycles 50%: 8000+
Dimensions (LxWxH): 330x173x215mm (230mm including terminals)
Weight: 12.5Kg
Terminal Type: M8
Case Material: ABS
UL Certified 1642
CE Certified
IP67 Rated
Rohs Certified
UN38.3 Certified
ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 1400 Certified


Download the Spec sheet HERE

    Enhance your iTECH120X PRO

    Heat Shield Wrap

    Add another layer of protection to your iTECH120X PRO when placing it under the bonnet with the iTechworld heat shield wrap. 

    GoFurther Battery Box

    Turn your battery into a power station with the GoFurther Battery Box. The GoFurther connects easily to your iTECH120X PRO and has a range of outputs to connect your 12V devices such as fridges, appliances and mobile phones. Not to mention the 4 Quick-Charge USB charging ports, including 1 USB-C, allowing you to charge your devices up to 80% in 35 minutes.
    In addition to its advanced charging capabilities, the GoFurther Power Station is also equipped with a high-power 175A Anderson connector ideal for use with inverters. There are also 2 x 12V cigarette outputs and 4x x input/output Anderson connectors to power your 12V appliances.

    iTECH120X PRO Battery Tray

    Keep your iTECH120X PRO firmly in place with iTechworld's iTECH120X PRO battery tray. Coming with a robust tie-down strap, it ensures that your battery remains stable and secure.

    The tray boasts a sturdy metal build and is provided with four mounting holes, making it adaptable to a variety of installations. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to safely mount their iTECH120X PRO lithium battery, whether it's behind the rear seats of contemporary 4WDs or within the canopy.