iTECHBC20 Battery Charger 20 Amp 12v iTechworld for Car, Boat, Caravan

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iTechworld iTECHBC20 20 Amp 12v AC Battery Charger.

Product Details

The iTECHBC20 20A AC Battery Charger is a fully automatic "set and forget" charger. It has been designed and developed to charge Lithium LiFEPO4 batteries fast, efficient and effective, with unique algorithms that help maximise your battery's service life. The iTECHBC20 is a smart multistage battery charger that utilises the latest switch-mode battery charging technology, allowing your charger to be permanently connected to your battery bank. 

The multistage charging algorithm delivers a fast, efficient and consistent charge with no voltage drop. Using charge algorithms that are tailor-made for Lithium LiFePO4 batteries, the iTECHBC20 not only charges the battery but looks after it. The iTECHBC20 is unlike any other battery charger on the market; with lithium LiFePO4 batteries as the focus, it will maximise and extend your battery's service life. 

The iTECHBC20 has an innovative boost charge feature; this helps activate an iTechworld lithium battery from safe mode. 

Designed and developed in Australia, the iTECHBC20 is built for the harsh Australian climate. The iTECHBC20 has a thermally cooling fan that automatically switches on and off based on the internal charger temperature to handle extreme conditions.


  • Multistage Charging: Fully automatic multistage battery charger. 
  • Exclusive Lithium LiFePO4 Charging Algorithm.
  • The iTECHBC20 can be mounted permanently. 
  • Switch mode charging.
  • Boost charge feature: Bring an iTechworld lithium battery out of safe mode
  • Constant regulated power supply. 
  • Soft-start function.
  • LED charging indicators.
  • High-Efficiency: No voltage drop.
  • Robust insulated heat dispersing casing.
  • Fan cooled: Equipped with near-silent efficient cooling fans. 
  • Australian designed and developed.

The iTECHBC20 battery charger uses a micro control system to manage the battery charging process. 

Built-in protection features:

  • Over current protection.
  • Over voltage protection.
  • Overcharge protection.
  • Temperature cut out.
  • Reverse protection.


Output Voltage (DC) 14.4V DC 
Input Voltage (AC) 200V~260V
Input Current: Approx 1.4 Amps
Output Current (OUT) 0.25A~20A
Continuous Power (OUT) 60-240W
Dimensions 255x150x72mm (LxWxH)
 Weight 2kg

Package Contents

  • 1x iTechworld iTECHBC20 20A Battery Charger
  • 1x Power lead
  • 1x Set of 12v 800mm heavy duty battery leads with M8 eyelets/ring terminals
  • 1x Instruction manual


The statutory warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase.

Download the user manual HERE