iTechworld Bypass Switch for Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery Bypass Switch 12V iTECHBYPASS

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12v Lithium battery bypass switch. 

If you have a DCDC charger and a lithium battery this is a must have. Let me explain why. The iTECHBYPASS Lithium battery bypass switch is used when a Lithium battery is installed as a secondary battery.

Most quality lithium batteries have a over discharge protection that will protect the battery and turn the battery off (safe mode).  This happens when the voltage gets too low.  When a lithium battery is in safe mode, no voltage will be detected.  If you test a lithium battery in safe mode with a multi meter it will show no voltage. Once a lithium battery goes into safe mode it is no longer detected by a DCDC charger. So your DCDC charger cannot charge it.

ITechworld, the leader in deep cycle lithium battery technology have recognised this problem and have invented the solution. The iTECHBYPASS (patent pending).
Once fitted correctly the iTECHBYPASS will safely allow the DCDC charger to  supply power to your lithium battery and bring any lithium battery out of safe mode at the push of a button.

Once fitted correctly the iTECHBYPASS will allow a DCDC charger to detect and charge a lithium battery in safe mode.  
Fast easy Installation. (We recommend professional installation)

1 x 12v iTECHBYPASS Lithium battery bypass switch.

iTECHBYPASS installation guide HERE